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How Cannabis Alters Your Perception Of Time

It can be 5 minutes or two hours when consuming, you just can’t tell.  Here is how cannabis alters your perception of time

When you crack and relax and maybe consume some marijuana, it seems times stands still. THC does play a little bit of a mind trip which accounts for some of the stereotyped “spaciness” associated with being high and keeps us in our heads (and in the moment). Why does it happen?  Well here is how cannabis alters your perception of time.

The Fresh Toast – If you have consumed, you always wonderful about it, so now here is how cannabis alters your perception of time.

Of course, as with any mind altering substance, cannabis affects different people differently, but for the most part, marijuana slows down our perception of time to the point where we’re enjoying and noticing everything around us right in the moment. Artists often rely on this phenomenon to create more work in a session or feel more in tune with their art.

All in all, cannabis is an enhancement drug if nothing else. It enhances the taste of food, the feelings we experience both in our heads and in our bodies, funny situations, and so much more. All of this is tied to the exaggerated slow-motion that allows us to appreciate what’s going on in our immediate sphere.

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Have you ever taken a dab and gotten the “wah wahs?” It’s when your head feels like a balloon and all you hear is “wah, wah, wah” and perhaps a few whooshes, like something out of a Charlie Brown cartoon. This is when time perhaps slows down the most, as a very strong high is kicking in and taking it up a notch.

Photo by aamiraimer via Pixabay

Though there hasn’t been many studies on the subject, the ones conducted show, no matter the dosage, those who’ve used cannabis perceive time at a slower rate. When asked to estimate how much time has passed, someone stoned will inevitably  overshoot it.

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In the study, “Acute Effects of THC on Time Perception in Frequent and Infrequent Cannabis Users,” the subjective effects of cannabis on its tokers was measured using performance based, time estimation tasks. It states, “Congruent with the reported subjective slowing of time under the influence of cannabis, individuals given cannabinoids consistently overestimate duration in time estimation tasks… Consequently, cannabis smokers’ perception  of external time passing more slowly is consistent with internal, subjective time passing more quickly.”

THC affects the part of our brain in charge of time perception, hence we perceive slower time when stoned. In summary, cannabis consumers experience this effect because the body’s internal clock is sped up,


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