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How Long Will You Be High

Getting high is an unpredictable art. Here is how to know how long the high will last depending on your method of consuming marijuana.

A question and fear of many canna-curious and canna-newsbies is how long will you be high. Even experienced cannabis consumers have been surprised as it is not an exact science. The good news is that while your buzz might be freaking you out a little at this very moment, chances are you are going to pull out of the experience unscathed. But maybe the possibility of dropping dead is not your biggest concern. Maybe you’re supposed to pick the kids up from school, go to work, or take care of any other responsibility where a sober brain is better.

Well, never fear, we’ve got you. The length of a high really all comes down to how much marijuana was consumed, in what form and personal tolerance. The following information should help you establish some sort of timeline for when you can expect to be straight again.


Marijuana Really Helps You Poop, According to Science
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Smoking is still the most frequent form consumption method. The effects hit almost instantaneously, and they can last anywhere from one to three hours depending on the strength of the herb. So don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to sober up before fulfilling any of those pesky responsibilities you might have in the afternoon. But in the interest of full disclosure, you’re probably still going to feel a bit off for the rest of the day. Coming down from a high can make a person feel tired and just less motivated than usual.


the benefits and potential downsides of vaping according to research
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Coming in as the second most . It makes sense, too. They are more convenient than rolling a joint or packing a bowl and they are easy to hit clandestinely in almost any situation. But the THC extracts that are used in these little devils can sometimes pack a punch. Still, it’s not typical for the buzz that comes from a vape to last too much longer than smoking. In many cases, people who use vapes do not suck in as much THC as they might when using flower. So it is well within reason for a person to expect a more sober mind within a few hours of use. It is conceivable, too, that the high from a vape pen may start to fade sooner than later.


Marijuana 101: Dabbing Wax Vs. Vaping Wax
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This thing called dabs (shatter, wax, budder) is a different beast altogether, being described by some as smoking an entire joint in a single hit. These concentrated products are arguably one of the quickest ways out there to get super stoned. But while experienced dab stars can use them without issue, newbies have been known to struggle a bit. The high that comes from a dab can last anywhere from a few to several hours. If you are struggling to read this paragraph, you might be in for the day.

Edibles and Beverages

No One Understands How High Edibles Will Make Them
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Edibles are great for the cannabis user who doesn’t like to smoke. In fact, gummies are the most popular way for people to consume.  Edibles can be tricky to use with regard to dosage. Purchased at a dispensary, these products come labeled with what is considered a reasonable dose—the standard is 10mg of THC. But if a person was handed a homemade brownie edible from a friend at an event, the THC content is anyone’s guess.

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For the sake of argument, however, let’s say the dosage is known. You took a 30mg edible in the morning and were hoping to be straight as an arrow in a few hours. Well, that’s probably not going to happen. At least not for the most part. It takes edibles up to an hour to kick in, and the buzz seems to linger around a lot longer than it does from smoking.

In fact, it is not unheard of for even a semi-modest dose of an edible product to last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. Larger doses can make a person feel like they may never experience sobriety again. It is also worth mentioning that cannabis-infused beverages hit harder than traditional edibles. The product may only claim to have 10 mg THC, but fair warning: it’s going to feel a lot stronger.

Hopefully this give you a bit more clarity with the question how long will you be high.


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