Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sam Anderson

Sam Anderson is based in Los Angeles. He has a BA in Written Arts from Bard College. Before becoming Jointly's Content Director, Sam worked as a screenwriter, researcher, freelance editor, and as a writer developing new series for TV production companies.

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No matter what strain of cannabis you choose, there are various tiny colorful weed hairs found throughout the buds.

Is There A Lethal Dose Of Cannabis?

Weed contains no chemical that has been shown to cause people to overdose and die.

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For many people, cannabis and CBD are the perfect tools to enhance their relaxation.

Can You Freeze Weed?

If you buy bulk cannabis and/or harvest a healthy supply of homegrown weed, freezing it may be an option for you.

What Does Good Weed Look Like?

A lot of novice cannabis consumers make the mistake of spending too much money on low-quality cannabis because they don't know what good weed looks like.  

Does Cannabis Help With Recovery After A Workout?

Many people use cannabis and CBD products to help them recover quickly from the wear and tear of exercise or daily life.

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