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Travel Makeup: How To Survive The Packing Nightmare

Let’s be honest. The worst things about traveling are the packing, unpacking, fight delays, uncomfortable seats, breakups, exhaustion, sun poisoning, and those nasty sunburns. For now we will concentrate on how to make your makeup packing life easier.

Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind and share with the girls you don’t hate yet!

Create a “Do not pack” list.

It might sound weird, but it works. What you pack and what you use many times are two different things. The situation can get out easily out of control, when you only needed 5 products, but you packed 17 “just in case”. TIP: Make a list of the products that you never used on your last couple of trips and don’t pack them again.

Pack like you don’t mean it.

Don’t take makeup packing too seriously. Be conscious of your FOMOM: Fear of Missing Out Makeup. The only great thing that came from years of overpacking is that suitcases now have 4 wheels.

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Take less, use more.

Most products can be used for more than just one purpose. Your lip balm can be used as a highlighter and your mascara as a liquid liner with a small brush. Your lipstick can be use as a blush and your blush as an eyeshadow. Lastly, any spray toner can be used as a setting spray, while all bronzers can be used as setting powders.

Get travel sizes products.

Buy travel edition makeup kits; they have a bit of everything in them. Don’t buy too many though, as it will look like you shrunk your whole life into a plastic zip lock bag. Although no one likes a quitter, no one will complain if you quit overpacking.

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Have a bag to go.

Always have a makeup bag ready and packed. This will make your life easier and your man happier. Remember, “you don’t have to get ready, if you stay ready.”

Good luck with your travel makeup and never ever forget “A smile is the best makeup.”


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