Wednesday, December 7, 2022

10 Types Of Marijuana Perfect For Independence Day

So while you enjoy the quintessential American holiday with friends and family at parks, backyard barbecues or the beach, spark one up and pursue your happiness.

What better day to enjoy cannabis than Independence Day? This is your day as a citizen of this great nation to celebrate American ideals such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

The following list is organized by time of day. The first few are for early in the day to get you energized and uplifted. The middle of the list is for after your big meal to get you in the mood of euphoria and fireworks. The end of the list is for the post-fireworks chill and bedtime. Enjoy your day. And be responsible!

One word of advice: Hydrate. Keep a bottle of water handy and drink throughout the day. You’ll be thankful you did later in the day.


Start your holiday off with a bang with Kaboom. This is the perfect bud to get you uplifted for the day. It will give you a nice jolt of energy. You will laugh a ton and have some great conversations. A great one for early in the day.

Liberty Haze

A pretty potent bud high in THC. It’s a fine strain for most of the day. It will make you upbeat and energetic. If you are going to do any physical activity (horseshoes, ping pong, Frisbee, hacky sack, etc.) give this one a try. Very citrusy … just like lemonade! If you are planning on waking and baking for the holiday, Liberty Haze is for you.

Cherry Bomb

Instead of throwing a cherry bomb, try smoking it. A nice, mild daytime strain that will keep you in the right frame of mind for most of the daytime hours. Perfect if you are doing something creative or artsy. Also great for physical activity. You’ll be smiling all day. Another good candidate if you plan on starting before noon.

Spirit of ’76

This one is easier to find in Colorado than most other states. It is an uplifting, daytime smoke that will give you that happy feeling. Good for the afternoon, before the fireworks. Good for socializing. Will give you the munchies, so bring extra food for the barbecue.

Red Dragon/White Widow/Blue Dream (Red, White & Blue)

Red Dragon is an uplifting daytime bud. White Widow and Blue Dream are among the most ubiquitous buds around. No matter where you live, it should be easy to find these two. Put all three together and you have a little red, white and blue magic. You’ll feel patriotic … and uplifted at the same time.


Great to smoke right before the fireworks begin. You will be in awe of the colors and sounds. And if there is a soundtrack playing along with the show in the sky, even better. The euphoria will hit you and you won’t be able to stop oohing and ahhing. This should last a long time.

Northern Lights

Another one for the fireworks show. This one is a popular nighttime bud across the U.S., but very popular in Washington, where it was first grown. It will make you feel totally relaxed. If you have any body pain at the end of the long day, this bud’s for you.

Danky Doodle

Best for during the fireworks or shortly after the grand finale.  After the fireworks are over, Danky Doodle is perfect to chill with your friends. You will feel totally relaxed and euphoric.

American Kush

You will feel relaxed and happy without a care in the world. Don’t expect to do too much after smoking … except sleep. Or staring at the stars.

Presidential OG

This is recommended for the end of the night when the only thing you can think about is closing your eyes and melting into your mattress. If you have insomnia, you’ll have no trouble falling to sleep with this one.

So while you enjoy the quintessential American holiday with friends and family at parks, backyard barbecues or the beach, spark one up and pursue your happiness.



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