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Your Bong Probably Has More Germs Than A Toilet Seat

New study says that bongs, pipes and joints have more germs than toilet seats and other gross items you interact with on a daily basis.

Studies that enumerate the thousands of bacteria present in objects never fail to push our buttons. These items tend to be unexpected ones that we interact with several times a day, like phones, refrigerator handles, and apparently, marijuana pipes.

According to a study conducted by Los Angeles-based Moose Labs, cannabis pipes, vapes and joints contain massive amounts of bacteria due to the fact that they’re shared among friends. The study claims that it’s hard to find other items that match the level of bacteria that is present on these devices. In fact, cannabis pipes have “almost one and a half times more bacteria than a public toilet seat.”

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“It really is just absolutely horrifying,” said Jay Rush, co-founder of Moose Labs. “I almost feel bad telling people, but would you rather be informed and upset or uninformed and blissfully ignorant?”

The study says that while you likely won’t die from sharing a pipe or joint with a large group of friends, it is possible to catch diseases like sore throat and diarrhea. One person with a virus can infect others by simply sharing your joint or taking a hit off your pipe.

Moose Labs is designs mouthpieces that fit a variety of bongs, pipes, bowls and vapes, protecting you from germs and reducing some of the negative side effects of smoking, like tar, resins and toxins.

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To prevent germs, the company recommends washing your hands before and after smoking, cleaning your bong with boiling water after each use, and wiping it dry. If you’re going to smoke with a large group of friends, have a mouthpiece or some sanitary wipes on you, that way limiting your contact with bacteria.

You may look like a snob in front of your friends, but when they’re vomiting and feeling awful you’ll be there to say “I told you so.”

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