Monday, May 29, 2023

3 Busted Myths On Today’s Cannabis Consumers From California

A survey conducted in California shows that many of the myths people believe about the cannabis industry are wrong.

California has had a long history with cannabis, being one of the first to propose its legislation in the 70s. While Californians have had access to medicinal marijuana since the 90s, it was only two years ago the state finally legalized the recreational use of the plant. Currently, California has one of the biggest cannabis markets in the United States.

Thanks to advocacy groups and legislative change, the past years have seen remarkable progress and education when it comes to marijuana. Despite that, some myths still permeate cannabis culture, especially when focusing on California users.

NorCal Cannabis Company conducted a survey on California cannabis consumers, finding many results that might surprise you.

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“The research shows how cannabis gives relief for so many people for things like pain, insomnia and depression. California voters approved the legalization of cannabis, but people still do not have legal access throughout most of the state,” explains Jeffrey Graham, VP of Business Intelligence of NorCal Cannabis company.

More than 1,500 subjects were selected for the survey, all over the age of 21. NorCal asked them questions normally ignored by legislators and cannabis consumers in hopes of informing the public, as means to better understand the improvements necessary in California’s cannabis industry.

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Check out some of the most prevalent myths that were busted:

There’s a big difference between medicinal and recreational marijuana

Not really. The survey found that when most users get high, they’re usually looking for a combination of medicinal and recreational effects. A rare bunch of people are the ones who need to compartmentalize their marijuana use.

Women are an emergent cannabis market

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Despite the fact that stoner culture tends to lean heavily on men and plenty of stereotypes, women have always smoked marijuana. In fact, this survey shows that they smoke just as much as men.

All Californians have access to legal marijuana

Once a state has legalized cannabis, it’s believed that everyone has easy access to it. Sadly, this isn’t at all the case, and the steps that come after legalization are still being figured out. Obtaining licenses, stocking up dispensaries, and battling a competing black market are some of the hurdles that legal states face on a daily basis.



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