Thursday, September 28, 2023

5 Of The Silliest CBD Products On Sale

CBD has confirmed medicinal value, but there are plenty of dumb products out there mostly interested in cashing in.

The one way to get people to buy something is to put something trendy in it and wrap it in a pretty package. Which is exactly what’s been going on with CBD over the past couple of years.

Despite the compound’s natural benefits and tons of anecdotal evidence, there’s still no scientific research on it or accurate ways of administering dosages. This legal limbo creates the perfect chance for weird companies to come in and do their thing, creating products that are expensive, that do nothing, and that rip people off. While this could lead to some dangerous situations – you should never buy a sketchy product, especially one that’s intended for medicinal purposes – the point of this list is to point out the silly ones.

Here are 5 of them:

CBD Candles

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While CBD does have some medicinal properties you have to put it in or on your body to get some of the benefits. Smelling a CBD candle won’t do the trick. It might still smell good though, so we can’t completely decry it. There’s a surprising amount of variety among these type of candles, with ones advertised for aromatherapy and others that claim to melt and transform into CBD massage oil. That sounds kind of nice.

CBD infused toothpicks

I draw the line at CBD-infused toothpicks. First of all, toothpicks are unnecessary by themselves; people can floss. Adding CBD to the toothpicks because they supposedly “relax you” once you stimulate your gums with them doesn’t change my opinion.

Hair pomade

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Well, there are some people who claim that CBD does good stuff for your hair. Some studies have found connections between the omega fatty acids in the oil and the stimulation of hair growth.

CBD potato chips

I have nothing against edibles, I think they’re very useful. I just added this entry on the list because the CBD potato chips I found are called Jay’s. Like Lays. According to the site, each chip is infused with CBD, containing 100, 200 or 300mg per package.

CBD hand sanitizer

Studies have found that CBD is pretty efficient when it comes to killing bacteria, so it might have a place in hand sanitizers. There are plenty of brands, with some less sketchy than others. But some of the products claiming that they’re capable of moisturizing skin and protecting it against germs.


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