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4 Things Can Happen During A Marijuana Overdose

Consuming marijuana is a process that’s defined by trial and error, something that must be tailored to each person through research and discovering what works best for your body. You may realize that you have a high tolerance for vaping but that consuming an extra edible will leave you feeling like a paranoid mess. What happens during a marijuana overdose?

Research shows that the effects of smoking marijuana are felt approximately 10 minutes after consuming it, while with an edible you have to wait from 30 to 90 minutes for the effect to kick in. This can all be confusing for newcomers, so its important to know your body and what works for you, always being extra careful when trying out a new way to consume cannabis. It’s also important to know that an ‘overdose’ of marijuana is not going to kill you, you’ll just have a shitty time.

As recreational marijuana becomes more and more popular, new ways to consume it start popping up, so the more information you have on the subject the better. Check out this list with a few things that can happen when you overdose on marijuana:

Your Mouth Might Get Dry

Why dry mouth and red eyes are common symptoms of marijuana use, vomiting and shortness of breath have also been reported in extreme cases of overdosing. While cannabis is a known preventative measure for nausea, consuming it in large amounts can produce the opposite effect resulting in vomiting and abdominal pain, a syndrome that’s called Cannabinoid Hyperemesis.

This condition is thought to occur when THC overwhelms the autonomic nervous system, which regulates our breathing and digestive systems.

You Might Forget The Pop Tart In The Toaster:

While memory loss and marijuana overuse are related, research hasn’t discovered a causal link, which means that as of now there’s no way of knowing if cannabis is the reason behind these problems.

You Might Take A Nap:

It’s common that after consuming marijuana your body takes longer to respond to stimulus, leaving you comfortably lying on your couch or feeling sleepy. These symptoms become a problem when you’re driving or doing a task that requires faster reflexes while under the influence. It’s still not known how much THC there needs to be in your bloodstream for your body to be physically impaired by it but the best way to avoid these incidents is to simply avoid consuming marijuana when you’re doing stuff that demand your physical attention. 


A study conducted on 121 subjects suggested that 50 percent of them had to deal with of anxious thoughts and a general feeling of paranoia, creating a causal link between the two. Of course this estimate would need further study and a larger sample of subjects for the link between paranoia and marijuana to be deemed completely causal.  


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