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5 CBD Products For When You Need To Relax

CBD can be very helpful for stressful times, making it one of the most timely products out there. Here are some products you might want to try to unwind.

Stressful days are common, especially while in the midst of a pandemic. While some people have better coping mechanisms than others, everyone is likely feeling the stress of their circumstances right now, whether they’re going through a rough time or are just tired of being stuck inside with others.

CBD is a good product to have in your arsenal right now to help you cope with symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and more. CBD products can also help you protect your skin, and treat your achy muscles.

Here are 5 CBD products that can help you relax when you need it most.

CBD massage oils

One of CBD’s strongest properties is its effect on inflammation, providing plenty of relief for people with sore muscles due to workouts, bad posture or because they spend most of the day sitting down (read as: all of us). While you won’t be able to replicate the experience of getting a cannabis massage, you can still reap the benefits of CBD by massaging some oil or lotion on your joints and muscles and letting the compound work its magic.

CBD face masks

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Photo by John Tekeridis via Pexels

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There’s plenty of CBD faces masks, from the ones that come in a tube to those masks that you just have to remove from the package and put on your face, preferably after spending some time in the fridge. Face masks are relaxing and an efficient form of self care, hydrating your skin and preventing flakiness and irritation. The addition of CBD increases blood flow and prevents blemishes since it battles inflamed skin.

CBD topicals

Working from home limits your movement by a considerable amount. CBD creams and other topicals can help you get rid of those kinks and muscle pains since the compound quickly targets all sorts of cramps and hydrates your skin.

CBD bath bombs

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Photo by Pharma Hemp Complex via Unsplash

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Baths are always relaxing, especially if there’s a fizzy, good smelling bath bomb thrown in there. CBD bath bombs are good for releasing tension, making you feel even more relaxed and also providing plenty of benefits for your skin.

CBD gummies

While CBD gummies probably won’t provide instant relaxation —  every user’s experience is  different when it comes to CBD — the effects can build up over time, increasing results as you become a regular user. CBD gummies are delicious and won’t make you feel high, but they will make you feel relaxed, which sounds pretty ideal right now.


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