Wednesday, May 31, 2023

5 Great Marijuana Strains To Energize You On Dark Winter Days

With all the holiday feasting coming up, and looming winter weather threatening to keep you bundled in blankets like a little burrito on the couch, we decided to find some super-charged cannabis strains to crack that couch-lock and boost the metabolism. There are plenty of great heritage strains out there—start with any yummy sativa for an energy infusion—but we dug deep and found the best ganja genetics that will lift you into the stratosphere. 3… 2… 1… Blast off!



This heady sativa provides a boost of energy just like a freshly-squeezed glass of orange juice. You’ll get a citrusy aroma from this punchy lady. Get a good look at her orange hair and crystalline trichomes before savoring her sweet-smelling smoke.

Purple Tangie


Purple Tangie is descended from the famous Tangie genetics that started in Amsterdam and have since have taken the lead in much of the legal weed market. It’s easy to see, smell and taste why—when you light up this flavorful flower, you’ll feel invigorated, creative… maybe even euphoric! Ask your budtender for strains in the Tangie family, and taste them side by side.

Durban Poison


This pure sativa possesses a refreshing piney aroma in conjunction with an oh-so-sweet floral flavor. She can be elusive, but if you can get your hands on this landrace (meaning a traditional variety) cannabis, you’ll be shooting for the stars.

Blue Dream


The sweet blueberry aroma of this hybrid flower makes it a perfect morning time smoke. Pair it with an espresso to start your day off right. Blue Dream is great for hiking, biking, or relaxing in a sunny nook with a really great book. A favorite of many cannabis connoisseurs.

Golden Goat


A true American strain, the Golden Goat is said to be descended from a Hawaiian father, and was raised in Kansas. Its fruity, tropical flavor and spicy scent, paired with its powerful, uplifting effect, will have you bouncing around like a happy goat on a rocky mountainside.



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