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5 Marijuana YouTube Channels To Keep You Entertained And Informed

Marijuana YouTube channels aren’t as popular as you’d think. Still, there are a few YouTubers who provide consistent, entertaining and informative content.

Marijuana is a growing industry and, as such, there’s a lot of content available on the internet. Weed enthusiasts have come up with websites, Instagram pages, and Twitter accounts, all looking to find new and creative ways of engaging with marijuana. YouTube is a different matter entirely.

As a platform for monetization, YouTube is a challenging space for many different creators. In order to develop a following and make a profit, YouTubers need to find ways to avoid triggering the site’s filters which are meant to keep harmful content off the web.

YouTube has been called out for blocking the content of LGBTQ creators and other subjects that might be deemed inappropriate. When talking about weed, the channels that are out there are facing a complex battle against censors and viewers who consider their content inappropriate.

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Still, there are some marijuana YouTubers out there who have managed to make reliable and steady weed content, catering to people who have medical questions, want to learn how to plant and grow marijuana, or simply want to look at someone discuss their opinions on different strains of weed.

Here are 5 marijuana YouTube channels you should keep an eye on:

Strain Central

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Strain Central is a YouTube channel developed with the purpose of educating people about cannabis and breaking outdated stereotypes. Josh, the host, differentiates himself from the rest by discussing his personal experiences with drugs and educating others on how to take tolerance breaks.

Erick Khan

Erick Khan is one of the most informal YouTubers out there, and also one of the most consistent in terms of providing content. Khan has over 48 million views and posts a variety of videos that range from explaining the sudden vape illness that appeared last year, to his personal smoke sessions, which people for some reason enjoy viewing.

Mr. Canucks Grow

Mr. Canucks Grow is a channel based in Canada, providing educating and entertaining content on how to save money while you grow weed, growing it in awkward and dark spaces, open fields, and more. If you’re a visual learner and want to get your hands on growing your first marijuana plant, look no further.


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Vice has a lot of weed content and their YouTube channels, including Vice News and Vice, have some interesting documentaries and specials you should keep an eye on. From short clips talking about the perks of microdosing weed, to deep cuts like a documentary on the “King of Cannabis,” Vice is your place to go to if you’ve been around the block and want to learn something beyond tips on how to smoke weed and roll joints. You already know that.

Searching the term ‘Cannabis’ on YouTube

This might seem like a bit of a cop-out, but it’s the most effective way of finding what you want on weed. YouTube is a vast place, like its own little internet, containing a variety of good and bad content. Aside from this, cannabis is a tough thing on sell on the website, with videos getting flagged and content makers moving on to other platforms that allow for more freedom.

When searching for “cannabis” on YouTube, you’ll find a variety of important information that can help you learn about this topic, something that’s incredibly important for a nascent industry that’s filled with misinformation.


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