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5 Safe Ways To Smoke Marijuana Indoors On The Sly

Living with your parents or with roommates can sometimes make it difficult for you when it comes to getting high, especially if you live in a state where cannabis isn’t legal and you can’t go out and smoke on the street. In some buildings, smoking indoors is not an option, no matter what it is that you’re smoking, so improvising is the only way you can smoke marijuana indoors without getting caught. 

There are a lot of ways of avoiding this problem and of thinking outside the box. Here are 5 foolproof methods in which you can get your smoke on without getting caught:


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This is a great option for every marijuana smoker, no matter your housing situation. This little miracle spray bottle will get rid of the identifiable smell of cannabis and help you relax before your parents come inside your room. It’s also super cheap and easy to hide, sanitizing the air without leaving your room smelling like a flower shop.


The bathroom’s your friend while you’re smoking. You can close your bathroom door and take a hot shower, or simply turn the water on, creating a misty and dense environment that’ll mask the smell of marijuana and diffuse the smoke. Be sure to open a window once you’re done so the room ventilates and the cannabis smoke can make it’s way outside of your house.


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A sploof is the cheapest solution to your problem, only requiring a plastic bottle or toilet paper roll with some dryer sheets and rubber bands. Pack in a few dryer sheets in the roll or bottle lightly, leaving some room for air to ventilate through the sploof.  This nifty device is a favorite among marijuana smokers, masking the smell of your weed and hiding the smoke.

Window Fan

The most expensive option of the bunch, these fans get the job done because you can exhale the smoke into them and they’ll simply send it off to the street and outside of your house. It might prove to be a good investment. 


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Obviously music won’t disguise the smell or the smoke of marijuana, but it’s a nice touch if you’ve got a sploof in hand or are smoking in the bathroom, disguising the sound of lighters, coughing and anything else that you’re parents and roommates may find mysterious. 

If your apartment or house has a smoke alarm, be sure to cover it up. It would suck to have been so careful in following all of these steps to have that damn alarm ruin the whole thing.  


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