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5 Types of Marijuana To Smoke On Summer Solstice

Summer solstice is the official start of summer: June 21 marks the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, with the sun shining the longest and highest than it will again until Earth rolls back around in 364 days.

Historically, ancient cultures celebrated the solstice as a hard-partying day, with fertility ceremonies, parades, feasts and merriment. These days, the marking of the first day of summer is more of a watercolor factoid than a cause for wild debauchery. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the extra sunlight with a few merry-making marijuana strains.

Try one of these for a little lifted sun worship.

Summertime Squeeze

A citrusy sativa that’s perfect for getting active and making the most of all this glorious sun. Some compare it to a green tea vibe, in both flavor and subtly: Take it slow and you’re good to socialize, but too big of a hit and you’re chilling on a lounge chair for the rest of the afternoon.

Sunshine Daydream

An indica that’s used for pain and inflammation, it boasts a blueberry muffin taste and relaxation that won’t make you crash.


Like getting a little too sun-kissed, this sativa-dominant bud sounds unpleasant, but settles into a nice warm glow. It’s a cross between Island Sweet Skunk and Rug Burn OG, and is said to help with depression and anxiety.

Sunset Sherbet

This hybrid is in the family of Girl Scout Cookies, crossed with the Pink Panties indica. You’ll get a flirtatious yet relaxing full-body high from this one, just in time to watch the sun sink into night. It’s a strong high without making you too lazy.


Another sativa with uplifting, blissful effects. It’s said to increase appetite, so position yourself as near the barbecue grills as possible. Some report that it shines a mood-enhancing light onto depression.


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