Monday, January 30, 2023

6 Cooler-Than-Thou Gadgets For Baller Marijuana Enthusiasts

With the legalization of marijuana, there’s been a rise in products and gadgets that tailor to all kinds of users.

There are a million different tools that exist to enhance your marijuana experience. You don’t have to limit yourself to smoking a basic joint that you made with some crappy rolling paper; if you’re willing to explore and invest a little money, there are plenty of gadgets that will improve your high and that’ll help you make the most out of your cannabis.

Here are 6 marijuana gadgets that will surely open your world to a million cannabis possibilities.

Puffit 2 Vaporizer

This sneaky vaporizer looks just like an asthma inhaler which makes it a perfect option for carrying it around and consuming on the go, paying no mind to what others may be thinking. It has a removable concentrate attachment that’s sleek and perfect for vaping concentrates, dry herbs and that also makes it super easy for cleaning and maintenance. Puffit’s batteries are recharged via USB, so you can charge anywhere and always have your cannabis at hand.

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This stash box is the ultimate storage place for all kinds of marijuana users, having dozens of compartments, a lock seal and an odor-less design. Stashlogix is also customizable, which makes it a great option for at home use or for carrying on the go.

The iHit  

While it looks like a regular and sturdy iPhone case, the iHit is also a small and odorless stash box. You can keep your joints, or some rolling paper there for when you want to smoke in places where you normally wouldn’t want to be so open about it.

Keep one rolled for all your smoke worthy occasions with the iHit phone cases??

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Elementium Lighter

The Elementium Lighter is another iPhone case that includes a bottle opener and an electric lighter that’s wind and water resistant, so there’s no stopping you from toking up.

Smoke Buddy

This device is the perfect companion for when you want to smoke at home with your parents, or any other place where you want your marijuana to remain unnoticed. Designed with a carbon filter trap, there’s no way for any smell or smoke to escape from the Smoke Buddy.

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Mota Pot

For those who are willing to explore some more and be a little adventurous, there’s the Mota Pot, which allows you to create your own marijuana-infused oils. It has a simple three layer design that’s easy to use and lets you be creative with the oils you’ll be making. If this seems a little intimidating to you, fear not, Mota Pot’s website has some recipes that are certified to be fresh and delicious.



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