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8 Gifts Your Marijuana-Loving Man Will Love

No, but really — how does a person have better sex or a better relationship? The Fresh Toast has enlisted Rachel Krantz, a sex writer and proud canna-enthusiast, to help readers out with some answers as its sex columnist. No question is off limits, and all questions will remain anonymous. Please send your sex and relationship inquiries to Now, onto this week’s topic: gifts for Father’s Day your marijuana-loving man will love.

Q: Me and my boyfriend just had a baby this year. It’s been crazy, but he’s been great. He even surprised me with a really sweet gift on Mother’s Day — a new vape and a massage! I want to make sure his first Father’s Day is also a great one. Any recommendations for a new daddy who also likes his cannabis?

A: Thanks for the question, and congrats on the new baby! Father’s Day is coming up quick, but there’s still time to get him one of these sweet gifts.

A Pack Of Lowell Smokes To Show Off To His Friends, $60

Lowell Smokes is really one of the most beautifully-packaged cannabis products I’ve seen. Clearly made with the type of dude who likes obscure whisky and vintage records in mind, this little cigarette-sized box of pre-rolled joints contains ten premium .6 gram joints of all organic flower of 22-25% THC. They looked so much like perfect spliffs — and the whole package mimicked opening a very fancy, old-fashioned cigarette box so closely — that I could have sworn there was some tobacco in there, but I guess not. When he unwraps the delicate-but-masculine tissue paper to find ten perfect, high-quality joints, you know he’s going to be happy.


A Suicide Girls Vape Cartridge For His Lungs, $55

I feel like this is the perfect present on the chance that you caught him watching some porn this year and want to joke about it. Suicide Girls are all about the hot stoner babes, and they’ve come out with some really excellent vape cartridges that have become my new go-to. They come in different varieties — Hustle is for an energizing high, Chill is exactly what it sounds like, and Zero is a blend said to help curb the munchies (it might be the power of suggestion, but I found that to be sort of true). Get him a cartridge for his pen, and ensure he protects those lungs for his baby for years to come.

Medicated Coconut Oil For Sexy Times, $22

While it’s recommended use is just for eating, I can personally vouch for the fact that Akana Westing’s medicated coconut oil works great as an infused lubricant. At just $22 for a jar with 100 MG of THC, this oil is a bargain compared to some cannabis lubes that tend to charge more for the sexy novelty. Keep it simple and suggest you both try this out for a spin one night. He can have a spoonful first so he can feel some of what you’re feeling — or suggest he eat it off you directly!

Kiva Espresso Beans For A Burst Of Energy, $18

Look, I know you’re both tired AF with a new baby, which is where these Terra espresso beans by Kiva Confections come in. At just 5mg a pop, you can have one of these for a subtle little burst of caffeine and THC anytime.  Start with one and go from there.

Gaffer & Child Signature Set For His Skin, $120.70

No, this product isn’t infused — but it is awesome. With a new baby, I’m guessing neither of you has had much time to pamper yourselves. Enter Gaffer & Child’s Signature Set, which includes a full-sized shaving cream, face scrub, cleanser, and facial oil. Their products only use plant-based, environmentally-friendly ingredients (read: no chemicals or other stuff that might also irritate your baby if it’s on your skin). The natural scent of these products is actually also slightly masculine (read: not overly floral) — I love it for myself, but I can see the scent really working on a man. If this feels a little pricey, you can always share it — or buy him a single item from the set. I especially have been loving the shaving cream myself, and I know my dude’s been stealing it happily.

Hippo Treats Cookies To “Hit The Spotamous,” $15-22

Hippo Treats are some of my favorite edibles around. Not only do they taste awesome, but they aren’t filled with a bunch of sugar and other crap! These double-chocolate cookies come in both 5mg and 20mg serving sizes, so he can microdose and be just a little extra-excited about his new baby, or take a stronger dose to chill after said baby’s gone to bed. With five cookies for just $15-22, this is a fun treat to keep around the house just for the two of you.

Even H1 Headphones, $199

Everyone knows there are few joys greater than enjoying some cannabis and putting on a pair of excellent headphones. These headphones by Even sound fantastic — and look great. (They hold a special place in my heart for using cruelty-free faux leather, too.) Even better, the company is offering 20% off for Father’s Day through June 19th.

A Cool & Sexy Cannabis Party, Price Varies

If you live in a state where recreational use is legal, there are likely cool cannabis-inspired events happening every week in your city that are well worth the price of admission and a babysitter, if you can afford it. The parties I’ve been to — from Higher Standard’s cannabis pairing dinner parties to Grassfed’s burlesque/comedy show, are all sexy and fun in their own way. Tickets to cannabis events usually include access to lots of free samples as well, so you’ll be gaining more than just the product you sample there and the party itself. You guys deserve a date night — so do some Googling and find an event in your area!



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