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8 Ways to Enjoy Marijuana Without Smoking It


So many ways to enjoy life and chill. Lighting an herb on fire and inhaling the combusted plant matter into your lungs isn’t for everyone. And dusting a bong can feel a bit too much like reliving your undergraduate days. Whatever reason you have, here are eight ways to practice your marijuana enthusiasm without starting a fire. Hey, maybe that’s what Billy Joel was singing about!

Infused Food

Nearly everyone has a “brownie story.” Most of these tales begin with a bite of a baked goodie and end with the protagonist on the floor moaning about the meaning of life or impending death. It happens. But cannabis’ culinary culture is growing up fast. Brownies and cookies are still common staples at most retail stores. But have you tried pulled pork? Mac & cheese? Caramel corn? Foie gras?

This is the future of pot edibles. According to Arcview Market Research, the food and beverage sector account for roughly half of the estimated $5.7 billion cannabis industry. By 2020, ArcView projects the industry to grow to $22 billion overall, with more than $12 billion of that in the edible space. That’s a lot of brownies!


The cannabis cocktail culture is already a full-blown trend in trendy West Hollywood. Can the rest of the nation be far behind? But you don’t have to go to an upscale drinking establishment to get your cannabis buzz. You can buy tasty infused lemonades and sodas (make mine a sarsaparilla, please).

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And for those who want a little caffeine jolt with their cannabis, there are infused coffees you can buy at a retail store. Or you can brew your own easily at home.


Cannabis tinctures have been around for centuries but fell out of favor in the 1930s following the U.S. prohibition of marijuana. But the potent method is making a comeback as more and more Americans find non-smoked marijuana healthier and cleaner.

Tinctures are essentially concentrated marijuana in liquid form. Dosing varies depending, but in general an eyedropper or two. When you read a story about a child using CBD oil to combat epileptic seizures, chances are he or she is medicated via tincture.

Tinctures are discreet and easily fit in a purse or pocket. Add an eyedropper to a beverage or take it straight.

 Skin Care

Yes, you can bathe, exfoliate, shampoo, shave and moisturize with marijuana. Don’t fear the skunky marijuana smell; these products are not only infused with cannabis, but they contain natural scents such as lavender, mint and citrus.

Will these skin-care products get me high? Most of these products are made with hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin. And even if THC was present in these products (most don’t), it will not be absorbed by the CB2 receptors on your epidermis. So you get the therapeutic benefit without any of the euphoria.

Vape Pens

The slim, inconspicuous, ubiquitous devices have become the standard form factor for many enthusiasts. The vape pens are easy to carry and conceal when discretion is key. If convenience, cost and efficiency matter to you, consider a vape pen.

Vape pens, as the name implies, is a vaporization method, meaning there is no combustion of plant matter. The heating element brings the temperature just hot enough to create a light vapor. No inhaling smoke.


For home use, larger vaporizers are becoming trendy. The Volcano he industry standard for years and is the go-to device used by Bill Maher, Willie Nelson, and other cannabis aficionados. The Herbalizer is an egg-shaped contraption that looks like something from the future.

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These appliances come at a high price, but are worth it in the long run since they require less herb to achieve the required effect. Plus, they are healthier for you than smoking.


Wax. Shatter. Oil. Crumble. You’re going to be hearing these terms a lot if you start hitting up the local marijuana store.

All of these are concentrates that typically produce an enhanced and quicker high. If you are a beginner, be careful. Concentrates are for those with a higher tolerance for THC and/or medical patients that require super-intense dosages.

My advice: Leave these extracts to those who know what they’re doing. Find a savvy friend to show you the ropes the first few times. And prepare to sit or lay down.

For Women Only

Sex and marijuana is a natural combo. And Foria has found a way to make it even better.

Earlier this year, Whoopie Goldberg teamed up with award-winning edibles maker Maya E`lisabeth to launch Whoopi & Maya, a California-based medical marijuana company focused on producing “cannabis-infused salves, balms and edibles designed to relieve menstrual pain and discomfort.” Unfortunately, only Californians can buy these products so far.

NOTE: Synthetic marijuana is NOT an alternative. Please leave that stuff to the amateurs.


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