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Marijuana Poisoning In Oregon Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

All cannabis sold legally in Oregon will be tested for pesticides, according to a notice issued by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.

The Oregon Health Authority earlier this week created permanent regulations on pesticides that require that all of the cannabis to be tested before it can be approved for legal retail sale. The new policy replaces the temporary regulations set earlier this year.

According to the OLCC notice:

“Every batch of usable marijuana (flower and leaves) must be tested directly for pesticides according to the Oregon Health Authority’s testing rules in order to be compliant. This includes untested product that was collected for sampling prior to August 30.

“Some temporary rules regarding the sampling and testing of usable marijuana have expired and Oregon Liquor Control Commission Recreational Marijuana Program licensees are required to follow updated OLCC and Oregon Health Authority rules.”

Fewer than five labs were accredited to test for pesticides in October, according to the OLCC. Today, the number of labs has almost doubled. Additionally, the Oregon Health Authority’s most recent testing rules increased by 50% the amount of usable marijuana that can be tested together in a batch.”

This is what legalization and regulation does to the cannabis industry: It holds businesses accountable. A non-regulated industry would not have an agency dedicated to keeping the market free from inferior products. It ensures that growers, distributors, processors and retailers follow protocols designed to keep consumers safe. Try doing that with your unregulated neighborhood dealer.

The Oregon Health Authority offers the following tips to consumers considering purchasing marijuana products:

  • Read marijuana product labels. All labels must have the producer’s business or trade name and licensee or registrant number; the business or trade name of licensee or registrant that packaged or distributed the product, if different from the producer; the name of the strain; and the universal symbol.
  • Request a copy of the pesticide test results from the dispensary.
  • People choosing to smoke marijuana should consider the negative effects that smoking may have on their health.


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