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Woman Finds Frog In Packaged Salad, Keeps It As Pet

So, this is gross. A woman in Corona, California found a live frog in a salad mix she had just bought from her local Target. But instead of freaking out and killing the thing, she welcomed it into her family.

Becky Garfinkel tells ABC 7 News she was getting ready to go in for another bite when:

I see a frog sitting in my salad plate after I’ve eaten almost the entire salad. Completely freaked out, screamed. I threw up afterward because I was traumatized. I’m a vegetarian and I couldn’t believe there was a frog in there.

And because the frog was barely hanging on to life (a layer of salad dressing didn’t help), Garfinkel’s husband GAVE IT CPR!

With his finger — I’m not kidding you —  barely pushes on the little frog and he breathes and turns around. I’m like OK. We have to keep him.

Here’s a photo of the newest member of the Garfinkel family, “Lucky”:

As for Target’s response, they told the Garfinkels they have contacted Taylor Farms, which grows the lettuce she purchased. They also offered her a $5 gift certificate, which, unless they sell PTSD therapy kits at Target now, seems pretty useless.

I will tell you right now, I have no desire to ever eat a salad again. I’m petrified of the thought of a salad.

How do you think the frog feels?


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