Friday, January 17, 2020
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Willie Nelson’s Wife Announces Marijuana-Infused Artisanal Chocolate Edible Line

As marijuana legalization continues throughout the country, it’s little surprise that so-called stoner celebrities are taking advantage of the opportunity to develop their own cannabis brands. Lesser-associated names like Roseanne Barr and Melissa Etheridge are included in that list and so are the well-known commodities like Willie Nelson.

Now joining that list is Nelson’s wife of 25-plus years, Annie Nelson. Annie is launching Annie’s Edibles, a marijuana-infused artisanal chocolate edible company that will be available in select Washington retailers.

“I make my infused chocolates for people who want to enjoy gourmet cannabis chocolate in a controllable way,” Nelson says. “It’s important that my chocolates are suitable for those with diet restrictions—whether someone is vegan, has Celiac Disease or gluten allergies, requires a low or balanced sweetener diet or if they have a low tolerance to cannabis they can still enjoy the benefits of my infused chocolates.”

The chocolate hails from Fine & Raw Chocolate, who has been labeled the “Willy Wonka of Brookyln” and whose mission is “to save the world through silliness and chocolate.” There is a strict “Zero Crap Policy” in Nelson’s kitchen, as stated in the press release. The bars are made from coconut palm sugar instead of table sugar. The bars are divided into 5 mg pieces.

“Those who regularly enjoy cannabis may choose to indulge in two chocolate squares, while those new to cannabis are encouraged to start with one square or half of one square,” the press release states. “There is no mention of how many squares someone like, say, Willie, might enjoy.”

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