Friday, August 19, 2022

Ditch That Nasty Hangover: 7 Ways To Eat Your Beer

Do you love beer? Do you love beer so much that you want to consume it more than anyone you know? So much that even when you’re not in the mood to drink the brew, you want to EAT your beer? What does that even mean? So many questions!

Okay, let’s slow down. There are lots of ways to eat beer. It’s not something you’ll see in an advertisement or hear about in a song most likely but, yes, you can actually eat beer.

Why would you want to do that? We’ve already gone over that: because beer is awesome and having it in your life,  whether that’s in a bottle, can, solo cup or breakfast meal, is what living a good life is all about. So, without further ado, here are all the ways you can eat your beer.

Beer pretzels

There may not be a better bar food than a giant soft pretzel with smoked gouda cheese dipping sauce in one ramekin and some spicy or sweet stone ground mustard in another. But did you know that many of these taproom pretzels are made with beer? Or, more specifically, the spent grain from the brewing process.

Brew malt cookies

Or if you prefer something sweeter, you can use your spent grain to make cookies — and lots of different kinds. The Brooklyn Brew Shop offers nine recipes, from macaroons to peanut butter.

Beer cheese soup

Yet another example of how beer and cheese go so well together, especially when Gouda is the counterpart. A good beer and cheese soup will be reminiscent of fondue, so get your toasted baguette (or a spent grain loaf of bread) ready.

Beer can chicken

Maybe the strangest of all the recipes, with this one you shove a can of beer into the butt of a whole chicken and stand the thing upright on top of your barbecue. The heat from the coals evaporates the beer and makes the whole thing super juicy. It’s easier than it sounds.

Stout-braised short ribs

You can have your sausages, burgers and chicken wings, no problem. But try to take all the ribs away and you’ll get your hand slapped! Everyone knows ribs are the best part of any family BBQ. And when those ribs are brushed and braised with a nice Stout and brown sugar mixture?

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Beer cheesecake

Back to the sweet stuff. Cheesecake is an amalgam of flavors and textures. The bottom layer is crunchy cookie or pretzel. The body of the cake is soft and silky but also has body.

There’s cream cheese, chocolate. Everything is balanced and amazing. And this is only underscored if you add a little brew to the mixing bowl.

Stout waffles

Heaven exists on earth and it’s been hiding in stout waffles. Thick and toothsome, they can stand up to any amount of syrup your heart desires. Plus, if you use the right recipe, there’s buttermilk in the mix.

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