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‘Blazin Bev’: The Cannabis ‘Star Trek’ Crossover Memes We All Needed

Shows like Star Trek are an institution for more reasons than special effects and nerdom at large. They depict the future in a way that challenges our minds and preconceived notions of humanity. Though it’s all fiction, the show tackles subject matter and sneaky subplots that enrich the life of anyone who watches. The show also has a rabid and devoted fandom that does everything from intense cosplay to competitive meme creation.

There’s literally countless Star Trek meme groups on Facebook, with a good sprinkling of other space content in combinations that will have the average nerd in tears laughing. One group in particular that makes it worth staying on wretched Facebook a little longer: Star Trek Shitposting.

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It’s open to the public and stuffed to the brim with absurd memes, arguments, and a conversation that evolves constantly. One of their most hilarious inside jokes depicts  The Next Generation’s Chief Medical Officer, the fiery haired and brilliant Beverly Crusher, as a raging stoner. This comes from a particularly ridiculous episode Sub Rosa, in which Dr. Crusher falls in love with a ghost that has been mysteriously seducing her ancestors for generations. She’s shown swooning over a mysterious green smoke, and that’s all the internet needed to run with.

Photo: Fandom Wikia

If you also think it’s hilarious that this super smart space lady, right hand woman to the legendary Jean Luc Picard, a popular meme in his own regard, is a big smoker, check out these amazing Blazin Bev memes:

I wouldn’t put it past Blazin’ Bev to start developing her own strains. Maybe the Star Trek canon’s best botanist, Keiko O’Brien, helped her come up with this one.

Blazin' Bev hits the big time.#TNG #Beverly #Crusher #StonerBeverly #BlazinBev #Gates #McFadden #HighTimes #Cover

Posted by Sean Anderson on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A faux cannabis mag with era appropriate graphics and also, people will go to extreme meme lengths to nail a joke.

that time blazin bev bumped uglies with a space ghost…..

Posted by Scott Wendell on Friday, December 14, 2018

That’s another way to look at the whole space ghost thing.

Poor Blazin' Bev

Posted by Adam Shepherdson on Friday, April 20, 2018

Pitting Blazin’ Bev with the ever-stoic Captain Picard always results in a laugh.

Blazin' Bev can't be stopped!

Posted by Dale Schultz on Friday, November 16, 2018

Case in point: every single foggy screenshot has been drafted in the meme campaign.

Blazin' Bev strikes again… (thanks to Steven T Ng for the sauce)

Posted by Chris Ruzzi Duzzi on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Laugh all you want but those leotards look comfy as all hell.

The never ending adventures of Blazin' Bev.

Posted by Christopher Robert Janssen on Thursday, November 1, 2018

Counselor Troi and Crusher always has a very special relationship, it would make sense that it was a smoky friendship.

Deanna gets some command advice from Blazin' Bev.#TNG #Deanna #Troi #Beverly #Crusher #BlazinBev #StonerBeverly #BeverlyKusher

Posted by Sean Anderson on Thursday, December 20, 2018

This is one of my favorites, sisterly support team.

Everyone talks about Blazin' Bev but what about Tokin' Troi?

Posted by Patrick Waring on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Maybe the other favorite lady of the Enterprise will take up the habit and start to normalize weed in the Star Trek universe.

Weed memes are amazing, and so are sci-fi show memes, bringing them together unleashes a hilarious combination. Though it may be a niche genre, will make the people who are deep in the know laugh even harder. The promise of meme culture is the promise of truly individualized comedy that uses the language, jokes, mannerisms and culture of smaller and smaller social groups to strike gold, or in this case, green.


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