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Bran Stark Is High, Strange, And Highly Strange On ‘Game Of Thrones’

Family reunions come with loads of anticipation. Questions like will that one uncle enjoy himself perhaps too much and which family member will get overly emotional first? The more time between a family reunion the more anticipation builds. But on this season of “Game of Thrones,” the anticipation is of a different variety.

As the Stark children continue to meet one another after experiencing traumatic time apart, the sight of a familiar friendly face could move the coldest hearts to tears. Unfortunately for Sansa, her family happens to include Bran Stark. Now every family has their own Bran. The weird, moody adolescent who just discovered what “cynical” means and loves describing himself as such. The kid who reads poststructuralist philosophy, maybe some Nietzsche, and wants to tell you how the world actually is.

Bran is that cousin who just started smoking weed and claims he “rips mad bong, bro.” He’s kind of like Jaden Smith, really.

In “Game of Thrones” actuality, this is kind of true! Bran Stark has been hanging beyond the wall with magical fairy-children consuming hallucinogenic weirwood paste inducing his all-seeing vision, where past, present, and future meld together, and wow it’s really weird to describe what happens in this show out of context.

But the internet couldn’t help poking fun at Bran’s recent arrival to Winterfell where he acted strange, high, and highly strange in reuniting with his sister. Bran’s defense: He’s the Three-Eyed Raven now.

Maybe it’s time to take a break from the weirwood paste there, bud. There is such a thing as being too woke and it’s Bran. Go back to sleep, man. You’re ruining reality for the rest of us.


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