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Can Marijuana Help You Study?

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence on marijuana use and studying. Does this practice provide any benefits?

Marijuana is the average co-ed’s drug of choice. While a lot of people encounter cannabis when they’re younger, it’s not until college that their stoner persona solidifies. New college students are entering a stage where they’re able to smoke to their heart’s content without worrying about their parents or teachers. It’s natural for them to want to smoke all the time.

Now that colleges and universities are back in session all over the country, it’s natural for the topic of marijuana and its effects on studying to surface. Like most things marijuana, your collegiate performance under the influence is mostly up to the choices you make and the way in which your body responds to the drug.

While a lot of people use marijuana to enhance TV and food consumption, people have started to enjoy other benefits of cannabis, such as enhancing creativity and minimizing anxiety. Depending on the dosage and strain you’re consuming, marijuana could either help you narrow your focus or provide you with ideas you wouldn’t have had while sober. If you’re studying with others, it might also encourage you to engage in deeper conversations, something that works if you’re the kind of person who learns by listening to others and talking through topics.

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Books About Marijuana
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It’s important for you to test the waters first   and proceed carefully. Start off slow and try smoking before studying a topic you’re interested in. Do not get stoned before a midterm! You should also be able to differentiate between subjects; there’s a difference between a math and creative thinking class — and knowing which one pairs best with weed is a priority.

Now that many classes are held via Zoom, there’s  more room to experiment with marijuana while still being responsible. Attending a class while high doesn’t sound like the most pleasing experience, but a little toke won’t hurt anyone, especially now that there’s a lot of virtual learning going on meaning less pressure to not smell skunky for your teacher and classmates.

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As always, it pays to visit your dispensary or have a talk with your weed guy and purchase a product that’s more expensive, but ultimately more manageable and effective . It also helps to be careful, particularly if you’re not that experienced. Marijuana can stimulate your brain,  but it can also make you feel hazy and lethargic. Analyze your past experiences with the herb and see if studying while smoking works for you.

While there have not been many studies conducted on the matter, there’s tons of anecdotal evidence that says that for some, marijuana can be a useful tool for studying. Like everything else in school, it pays to experiment and find out what works best for you.


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