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Can Microdosing Help You Work From Home?

Microdosing is the process of consuming a low dose of cannabis — too low to produce a noticeable intoxicating effect. Can this help you stay focused while working from  home?

Microdosing sounds like a complex process, but it’s actually quite simple. Medically speaking, microdosing refers to consuming small doses of a compound throughout the day. When it comes to microdosing marijuana, this process helps some people achieve the results that they want, whether they’re recreational or medicinal, while eliminating the odds of negative side effects and bad highs.

Can microdosing be used to work from home more comfortably and to increase productivity?

A lot of articles have been written on how difficult it is to create an office environment while working from home. This has been a challenge over the last several of months, with lots of people reporting more trouble focusing, increased stress and longer work hours. While microdosing marijuana won’t solve all of your problems, it could help you focus and provide you with a productivity boost.

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Of course, this all depends on your personality and the kind of marijuana you’re ingesting.

The office routine is hard to replicate. Your commute, coworkers and work space, even if they can be distracting, are usually triggers for you to get in a work mindset. As soon as you walk out of your house you enter work mode; you leave the office and you’re back to normal.

How To Improve Your Internet When Working From Home
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Now that a large number of people have been working from home for the majority of the year, it’s been tough to recreate that experience, forcing them to come up with their own routines, usually within the constraints of their homes. It takes some work, the purchase of a decent office set up and some dedication to remain productive.

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In a situation like this, where someone is having trouble coping with the new changes in their lives, microdosing could provide some help, much like consuming cannabis could pump you up for working out. The slow administration of cannabis, whether it’s an edible, an oil or a tincture (vapes and joints aren’t as accurate for microdising) can affect you without you realizing it, helping your body feel loose and relaxed and lifting your mood as the days go by.

As you slowly and steadily up your dosage, you could experience a return to “normal,” or the kind of attitude you used to have with work before the pandemic. Although your circumstances remain the same, your mood could improve and your anxiety could be decreased.

As always, when it comes to consuming marijuana, start off small and work your way up, taking a milligram or two on your first day. Modify as you go on. Try starting off on the weekend or on a light day of work, where you have no meetings and extra stressors. Use this time to explore your options, whether you want to consume an edible, an oil, or if you want to choose something that is THC or CBD heavy. Adjust as you go and see what works out best for you.


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