Friday, September 29, 2023

Can Medical Marijuana Treat And Cure Skin Cancer?

Medical marijuana has many supporters thanks in part to those patients who’ve decided to be take a chance on the plant and document their experiences. These people have turned to cannabis because they’ve found no other viable option and, in some cases, the plant has proved to be their only source of relief. These successful stories are then shared online and provide documentation for a field that desperately needs it.

While sparse research has been conducted on medical marijuana due to the illegality of the plant and there haven’t been any significant studies conducted on humans, anecdotes from patients have shown some promising results for marijuana and the treatment of skin cancer. A perfect example of this is Run From The Cure, a film that documents the experience of Rick Simpson and how he cured his skin cancer with THC. The video was made in 2008 and reached a lot of people through the use of the web.

Recent studies conducted on rodents have found correlations between marijuana and skin cancer, some even proving that the plant can reduce the size of tumors. A study conducted in 2014 used THC to treat some mice with cancer. The rodents were compared to others who didn’t have cancer and the research showed positive results, reducing the size of the tumors.

While the effect of THC on skin cancer sounds very promising, medical marijuana is still in desperate need of larger scientific studies. These studies conducted on mice have been successful, but the plant still needs more examination to demonstrate if these results could translate to humans and have the possibility of changing the way in which cancer is treated, saving lives and developing less invasive treatments for patients of cancer. 


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