Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Cannabis 101: How To Manage Your Marijuana High

Whether you are new to cannabis or have been consuming for years, finding the right amount to consume can be a frustrating experience. It’s easy to consume too much, and unlike edibles, cannabis flower has no natural “dose”. No matter how you like to consume cannabis, this information should help you avoid overconsumption and elevate your experience. Keep in mind that potency varies between strains, so you may want to repeat this process or adjust based on each new strain.


Whether it’s a bong, bubbler, or simple hand pipe, the best way to avoid over consumption is to pack small, single-hit bowls. Adjust the size of the bowl until you find one that works for you. Once you understand your body’s reaction to different amounts, it becomes much easier to hit the perfect amount from a fully loaded bowl. If multiple small bowls in a session seems tedious, try out a cannabis dispenser like PenSimple, which can handle the task in seconds with just the push of a button.


Rolling papers and cones are tougher to manage than glass, but still possible. For rolling papers put a small amount of cannabis in and roll it tight and skinny, finding a good balance between density and airflow. For cones, simply fill the cone up halfway or less, twisting and removing the excess paper.

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Traditional one-hitters offer a single bowl size, clog quickly, and are difficult to ash and clean deeply. Fortunately, the tried and true micro-dosing platform has recently gotten a major upgrade, the Simple One-Hitter + Dugout. The Simple One-Hitter has a built-in slider that allows easy ashing as well as an adjustable bowl size. The Simple Dugout is the slimmest available and holds the Simple One-Hitter, poker, and multiple grams of your favorite herb.

Hopefully you now feel more comfortable starting, restarting, or just refining your cannabis flower consumption. We know no one wants to overconsume, so take this confidence and have some fun with it! For more sleek and thoughtful cannabis products, check out Simple Accessories.

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