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Cannabis Is A Known Anxiolytic — Should You Take Some Before Getting A Tattoo?

Getting tattoos can be a nerve-wracking experience. Should you add weed to the equation?

Marijuana is a natural anxiolytic, which means it quells anxiety. A lot of people turn to it in moments of high stress, using it to cope with social anxiety or to relax before something stressful. Should you turn to it when getting a tattoo?

The answer is complicated and largely depends on the person, their experience with cannabis, and their relationship with tattoos.

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While consuming marijuana before any activity can make things better, this largely depends on your past experiences with the drug. Seasoned smokers will rarely be surprised with strong side effects from cannabis unless they’re trying out a new method or consuming a strain they don’t know about. When it comes to newcomers, pairing the new experience of cannabis with the novelty of getting a tattoo might not be a great idea, especially if this is their first tattoo.

According to International Highlife, smoking before getting a tattoo can get a little complicated. While marijuana may relax you for a semi unpleasant experience, it might also make you more anxious and sensitive to pain. Having anxiety while someone’s jabbing a needle through your skin doesn’t sound like the wisest decision.

Levi Moodie, owner, and artist from The Drifter’s Ink, believes clients should be careful when it comes to cannabis and tattoos. He prefers to tattoo people who are sober, who are clear on their idea of the tattoo, and who really want it and won’t change their minds mid-session.

“Oftentimes, people who smoke marijuana go from being cautious, as they should be, to over-thinking their tattoos, flip-flopping on ideas, or their tattoo placement, and then when the needle hits the skin, they can potentially overthink the experience and get freaked out. I’ve seen it happen a few times,” he said in an interview.

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Being high can make people react in different ways, which means in a worse case scenario, someone could have a bad experience, and also end up with an ugly tattoo. While smoking prior to a tattoo is up to you, staying sober might be the best idea. You can get high afterward, using weed to treat your pain and inflammation, and helping you relax and find new awesome things to love about your new ink.



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