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Cannabis Vacation Guide: Get Baked In The Wilds Of Alaska

Two years after residents in Alaska voted in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis use for adults age 21 years and over (with certain limitations), the state’s first retail marijuana outlet stores have begun rolling out the green carpet.

Herbal Outfitters in Valdez—about 300 miles from Anchorage—was the first to open up its doors on Oct. 29 and was met by more than 250 excited patrons lined up outside, according to the Associated Press. On Halloween 365 miles away in Fairbanks, Alaska, Frozen Budz “made more than 300 sales that first day, nearly running out of all its packaged product,” Laurel Andrews reported for the Alaska Dispatch News. Pakalolo Supply Co., also located in Fairbanks, saw a great opening day as well on Nov. 2 with 867 separate transactions according to Andrews.

In honor of the nation’s newest state to launch a recreational cannabis infrastructure, here is your guide to visiting and toking up in the great state of Alaska!


Herbal Outfitters

165 Fairbanks Drive. Valdez, AK 99686
The first of the dispensaries to open, Herbal Outfitters is initially only carrying “dried cannabis flowers” until the permitting process is sorted out for concentrates and edibles, according to the Associated Press.

Frozen Budz

3915 Peger Road. Fairbanks, AK 99709
Frozen Budz boasts it will carry “top-shelf Alaskan grown cannabis, high-quality concentrates, delicious edibles, and a variety of accessories.” The first week, the shop was selling product from local grower Subsistence Products.

Pakalolo Supply Co.
1851 Fox Avenue. Fairbanks, AK 99701
Pakalolo is not only a dispensary, but also a licensed grower. The current menu lists strains like Northern Lights (indica), Cinderella (hybrid), and Agent Orange (hybrid).


See the Northern Lights (While Smoking Some Northern Lights)

By the time you’re reading this there are at least two dispensaries open in Fairbanks. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting in Aurora season (August to April), grab some Northern Lights, toke up, and behold one of the most magnificent sights nature has to offer.

Become One with Nature

If it’s the outdoors you seek, Alaska could be your paradise. Travel to any number of the state’s glaciers (or opt to see one crash into the ocean), grab a flight over Mt. McKinley, hike the Alaskan tundra, and experience the unique glow of the “midnight sun.” Whatever it is you decide, there’s no doubt there will be enough to keep you coming back for more.

Interact with a Magical Creature

Run, run reindeer! When strength & power meets beauty & grace. ❤️ #soultraveler

A video posted by Jody Ligas (@jodyligas_ftl) on

This one needs little explanation. Simply read the first line of Running Reindeer Ranch’s description: “Come for a magical walk with our reindeer.”

Ride the Alaska Highway

Built during WWII, the Alaska Highway runs from British Columbia to the Delta Junction in Alaska by way of the Yukon Territory. Go for a day or go for the week, either way you’ll see beauty at its finest.


Reindeer Dogs

Where else in the U.S. are you going to find reindeer dogs on the menu? Instead of All-American beef, give this Alaskan delicacy a try … but not after visiting the Running Reindeer Ranch.

Alaskan Crab

No trip to Alaska is complete without trying the array of fresh seafood the state has to offer. First off, the mouthwatering crab!

Plank Grilled Alaskan Salmon

While salmon is a common item on most menus across the country, there is something special about the Alaskan grilled salmon. Try it prepared on a plank for a delicious, savory meal.

Chocolate Bread

Bring out yer bread! #fullyloaded

A photo posted by Sharon Roufa (@sharoneybaloney) on

A favorite among tourists and locals alike, Two Sisters Bakery resides in Homer, Alaska and churns out a product no one can turn down: chocolate bread.

Eskimo Ice Cream

Also known as akutaq, Eskimo ice cream is traditionally made from whipped fat mixed with berries, animal oils, and other ingredients like milk and sugar depending on the recipe. You surely won’t find it anywhere else.


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