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CBD Is The Most Researched Wellness Trend On Social Media

There are over 500,000 Google scholarly articles on CBD and millions of Instagram photos tagging the hyper-popular compound.

Social media is a hot spot for wellness trends and recommendations. According to new research, CBD is the most posted about trend with the most substantial amount of research behind it, at least according to the internet.

The analysis, conducted by Babylon Health, explains that there are over 500,000 Google scholarly articles on CBD and more than 8 million Instagram posts that have tagged the compound. This makes CBD the wellness trend on social media that has the most research.

Despite this, users should still exercise some caution when purchasing CBD products, especially those that are heavily advertised on social media. While Instagram is great for purchasing makeup, clothes and other kinds of products, there’s a growing trend in the CBD industry that takes advantage of the promising research on CBD and the fact that many people don’t understand the compound.

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5 Most Common Myths About Hemp Oil And CBD Oil
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“There’s a big problem when the claims start to outstrip the science. When I see companies spending more on their social media side than they are on the actual science behind the projects,” said Dr. Shawn Arent during an influencer panel discussion in San Diego.

Influencers get paid for making these ads with no way of knowing if they actually use these products. While this gamble pays off with plenty of products, when it comes to CBD, these misconceptions have been taken to the extreme. Many users believe the drug can treat ailments that range from anxiety, to depression to cancer.

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While there are surely many influencers who run a great business and who recommend products that they personally use, it’s a complicated time to be taking these kinds of chances with CBD. Despite its growth, CBD is currently going through complex legal issues and research is in its initial stages.

Depending on what ailment your targeting with your CBD purchase, you’ll like need to do some research, contact your doctor, learn a bit about the terminology in the product label and purchase stuff that have trusted product reviews.


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