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Your Essential Guide To Picking The Best Cannabis Oil For You

Entering a marijuana dispensary nowadays can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re not well acquainted with the vast selection of different products available. Medical and recreational marijuana is on the rise, and the sheer number of products can make the most seasoned of cannabis users feel a little lost.

Here is a brief overview on cannabis oil, and an explanation of the different types of oils and which can best treat your symptoms:

For starters, cannabis oil one of the most popular cannabis products for medicinal purposes. It’s an extraction of the most essential components of marijuana, created with a solvent that separates the oil from the plant and resulting in a highly concentrated element that lends itself to many medicinal purposes. There are different kinds of oils with the most popular ones being full extracts, raw oil, isolates and vapor concentrates.

Full extracts come from the bud of the plant and its leaves, containing a diverse amount of cannabinoids. You can find different types of extracts, with a focus on different elements of the plant. THC extracts are very powerful and psychoactive, containing up to 60 percent of THC and producing strong results that work really well with pain management. These extracts are used on patients that suffer from cancer, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and others. CBD extracts are different and non psychoactive, better for daytime use and stress management.  Patients that suffer from cancer, anxiety, depression, head trauma, and others, tend to favor its use.

Raw cannabis oil is more rare since it’s harder to produce. It’s non psychoactive (since THC only activates when the plant is heated) and it’s great for producing anti-inflammatory effects. Vapor concentrates are very popular for patients who aren’t suffering from very serious pains or ailments. They’re easy and discreet to use, and also comfortable to carry around. They also don’t require much preparation or the need to own different devices.

Figuring out which type of oil works best for you is a deeply personal decision that can vary depending on your body type, disease, and mindset. Cannabis is a mysterious plant that works differently depending on each individual case and it works best to always have the support and advice of your doctor.

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