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Coffee & Cannabis: 5 Expert Combos To Kickstart Your Morning

The phrase “wake and bake” has been around for as long as cannabis smokers can remember and despite the childlike connotation it gleaned over time, there is something special about waking up with marijuana. It can spur creativity and wash away morning grogginess — not to mention the medicinal properties. Check out some ways you can pair cannabis with your coffee in the morning and see which one works best for you!

Cold Brew and White Widow (Or Your Favorite Energizing Strain)

If it’s creativity and productivity you seek, there may be no better combination than an icy-cold brew with some White Widow packed however you like it best — in a joint, bowl, bong or baked into a morning pastry.

So when you’re looking for some inspiration, grab a cup of your favorite cold brew and toke up!

Espresso and a Joint

If you’re the type of person who begins the morning with a shot of espresso, it may be nice to balance out the jolt of energy with the euphoric high of a strain like Blue Dream or OG Kush that won’t totally leave you melted into the couch, but with a feeling of being able to conquer the day without yesterday’s stresses weighing too heavily on your back.

The best advice anyone can offer is to experiment to see which strain combination works best for you.

Dark Roast and Dark Chocolate

You’re a grownup and if you want to have chocolate for breakfast, who’s going to stop you? Pick up any number of the wonderful cannabis-infused dark chocolate products on the market (Bhang and KIVA both make great bars) and enjoy a piece as you brew up a strong cup of dark roast coffee.


By the time you’re done with your java and begin the morning, you’ll start feeling a nice lingering high set in.

Cannabutter-Infused Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee, as Dave Asprey explains on the company’s blog, consists of Upgraded Coffee blended with grass-fed unsalted butter and Brain Octane Oil — the combination of which has been shown to help some people’s energy and cognitive function.

Even better? It’s wonderfully delicious and the addition of butter allows for a quick substitution that can give you and an all-in-one caffeine and cannabis jolt that will sweep the morning grogginess right out of your head.

Commercial Products

You’re a busy person. That’s why you drink coffee in the first place, right? And who has time to deal with figuring out which strain to pair to which bean anyways? Well you’re in luck! The cannabis business has come a far way in the past couple of years and it’s bound to only go further.

There are already products on the market that have caffeine and cannabis pre-loaded together and surely there are more to come.

Check out Jane’s Brew Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Coffee, Pot-O-Coffee, Catapult Coffee, and others for your morning fix without the hassle.


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