Sunday, May 26, 2024

Enough Already With The National Food Holidays

Raise your hand if these national food holidays are starting to really bug you.

Waking up every morning, only to find out that you’re somehow supposed to observe National Latte Foam Day or maybe National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Marzipan Day or National Lobster Thermidor Day (those are all real days, by the way). Who has the time?

To ask an entire nation, already overflowing with daily responsibilities, to put aside some spare time to honor a ridiculous food holiday — what’s the point? No, seriously.

Here are just a few examples of real “holidays” that don’t come with presents or days off work.

National Pumpkin Day: Don’t we already have two of those days, namely Halloween and Thanksgiving?

National Chocolate Cupcake Day: Pretty sure that’s also known as “every day.”

National Coffee Day: See above.

National Greasy Food Day: Again, see above.

National Corn Chip Day: Not to brag, but the 80s were National Corn Chip Decade.

National Apple Dumpling Day: Who the hell eats these things? Better yet, who is making these things?

National Food Day: This is actually a thing on top of all the other things.

Grub Street recently wrote about this growing nightmare, pointing out that the real motivation behind these made-up Hallmark-like holidays isn’t to revel in random foods, it’s to seemingly spike (even more) Instagram food photos.

At their very best, these national food days might highlight something everyone loves and gets excited to eat. But do we really need something like National Nacho Day?

So, the next time it’s National Feed The Social Media Marketing Machine Day, please avoid posting photos. It’s time to stop the monster. Plus, we already know what food looks like.

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