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World’s Oldest Woman Reveals Her Raw Egg Diet

Supermodels and supercentenarian. They’re perhaps the only two sets of people who cause our ears to perk up when they start talking about what they eat in a day.

Emma Morano will turn 117-years old on November 29, and now the world’s oldest living human is letting us in on her coveted diet secrets.

Morano, who was born in Verbania, Italy in 1899 says she sustains on 2 raw eggs every day; it’s a habit the Huffington Post says she started to help counter her anemia. Morano also eats cookies, which hopefully she uses as a chaser to help disguise the taste and texture of gnarly uncooked egg parts. Speaking to the AFP News Agency, Morano says she doesn’t eat much because she has no teeth.

Not to overshadow the power of her Rocky-esque diet, but Morano hints that what is truly keeping her alive is her independence. She’s been divorced since her 30s and has remained single.

Her doctor says Morano tends to bounce back when she’s sick, and when she’s well, “she really is well.” Happy early birthday, Emma!

(h/t Huffington Post)


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