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Curaleaf Creates Another Cannabis Industry Behemoth

Earlier this year, Curaleaf dispensary in Western New Jersey became the biggest on the east coast. Said growth means that the pot shop is now capable of serving 1,000 patients a day. The expansion of New Jersey’s medical marijuana laws played a big role in Curaleaf’s successful move into being a super dispensary. Now, Curaleaf is in the process of building the largest cultivation greenhouse on the east coast.

Clearly, this isn’t going to be your typical greenhouse; at 100,000-square-feet, the expansive lot will attempt to meet the rapidly growing demand for medical marijuana. When the MMJ law was expanded, it wasn’t just dispensaries that got bigger, it was the list of qualifying conditions being lengthened that made way for a blossoming economy.

There’s been talk in the NJ State Senate about having a legalization bill approved by Labor Day, some talk by January 1, 2019, but one thing’s for certain: when it does come down the pike, we’re going to need big dispensaries and grow operations the size of Curaleaf’s new venture to keep up with buku demand.

Another reason for the success that Curaleaf is enjoying is due to the extras they put into helping cannabis patients. For people who now qualify under the expanded medical law, but don’t know where to start, Curaleaf helps to find a certified medical provider. They also walk anyone with questions through the nuances of cannabis, from how to take it to strains and their different effects on different people.

All Curaleaf cannabis is lab tested and are of pharmaceutical grade purity. A giant greenhouse like the one in the works could end up having challenges in maintaining quality and lab grade cannabis, but only if it is sterilized to the  point of an industrialized flower factory. As all good cannabis enthusiasts know, cannabis grown with love is just better.

If passion is an indicator of love for the plant, then there shouldn’t be too much to worry about with quality control. In fact, this proposed largest cannabis greenhouse on the east coast is an extremely exciting prospect. Dispensaries have been having trouble keeping up with demand for medicine since the program added qualifying conditions and streamlined the card holding practice.

Kudos to Curaleaf on soon literally breaking new ground and getting ready to supply the Garden State with quantities of cannabis it can clearly use. For this cannabis company and the state it’s situated in, the future looks bright indeed.


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