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Dabbing Is On The Rise Among Teens — Here’s What Parents Should Know

For parents who are not informed, dabbing can seem like a scary and dangerous practice.

Teens are consuming less drugs and alcohol than ever, with statistics showing that new generations have been delaying their first encounters with substances. Despite this, the legalization of marijuana and an evolving perspective on the drug means that teens could encounter substances and new methods of consumption more easily. This understandably is a source of concern for some parents.

Marijuana can be ingested in myriad ways, but one of the most popular methods is called dabbing, and it’s on the rise among teens. And while it’s not a new practice, it’s more mainstream than ever.

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Dabbing consists of consuming cannabis concentrates through a dab rig. These concentrates are placed in the device, with the user applying heat until the concentrate becomes vapor. Users ingest this vapor and experience stronger highs than the ones provided by smoking cannabis, making dabbing a useful method for medical cannabis users or experienced marijuana consumers. For reference, a marijuana joint can contain up to 20% of THC while marijuana concentrates can contain up to 90% of the compound.

guess what asking kids about drugs wont make them use drugs
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While many enjoy dabbing, it makes sense for parents to be concerned over their kids getting involved with this method of consuming cannabis. Dabbing generally produces powerful results; if the user is not experienced, the high can quickly devolve into a bad one.

Aside from paranoia, anxiety and some trouble functioning, other risks posed by dabbing include the method of consuming the concentrate. While smoking marijuana simply requires a lighter, when dabbing, the source of heat must be very powerful in order to vaporize the concentrate. Butane torches are needed to make this process work and should only be used by people who are experienced and careful.

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While there are questions when it comes to teens smoking marijuana flower, this is a method that has existed for years. There are no chemicals involved and the major risk is the damage that’s done to the lungs. With dabbing, there’s more stuff we don’t know, especially since more time is needed in order to grasp the true harms and benefits of cannabis concentrates.

Dabbing is a process that should be approached with care, even for adults who’ve been consuming marijuana throughout their lives.


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