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Study: You’re More Likely To Use Marijuana If Your Parents Did

Even if parents limited marijuana use to high school, their kids were more likely to later use cannabis than other groups.

Does Your Kid Need To Go To Rehab For Marijuana?

For families that are not well versed in the ways of the cannabis plant, it is conceivable that some moms and dads may see junior's pot use as a gateway to harder drugs.

How Can Parents Tell If Their Teenager Is Using Marijuana?

Before you flip out, here are some signs that may indicate that your teen has at least some interest in marijuana. 

New Study Suggests Cannabis Doesn’t Change Brain Structure Of Teens

Many studies have found connections between cannabis use in teens and changes in their brain matter. A new study adds another layer to the discussion, suggesting that this might not be entirely true.

‘Euphoria’ Has A Lot Of Sex, Drugs, And Alcohol, But That’s...

Aside from the wonderful performances that 'Euphoria' draws from its young cast, some of the show's highlights include its kinetic editing and surreal cinematography.

Study Says Teens Should Be Educated About Sexting Safely

Sending nudes and messages with sexual content can be part of healthy sexual exploration. As technology continues to grow, it'll become a rite of passage.

Marijuana Legalization Discourages Teenage Use, Study Finds

A study published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that legalizing marijuana doesn’t draw teens to smoking marijuana and instead may dissuade usage.

Don’t Worry, Teens! A New Study Says Acne Can Predict Adult...

Researchers theorize that acne could affect teen self-esteem, making them more isolated, thus, having more time dedicated to their school work.

Teens Have Less Face Time With Their Friends—And Are Lonelier Than...

After studying two large, nationally representative surveys, we found that although the amount of time teens spent with their friends face to face has declined since the 1970s, the drop accelerated after 2010 – just as smartphones use started to grow.

Schools In England Will Start Tackling Periods, Sexting And Consent

Schools in England will be taking a more social approach when it comes to sex education, providing information to their students about consent, sexting, periods, and more.