Monday, February 26, 2024

5 Super-Romantic Date Ideas For The Couple Who Smokes Marijuana Together

Feeling the love lately? If you and your sweetheart both partake in our favorite pastime — the enjoyment of marijuana — you’re probably wondering how to elevate your date nights. Sitting on the couch in your sweatpants and watching standup specials as you pass the bong can totally be romantic, but it’s time to mix it up and try something new.

If you live in a state where it’s legal, it’s likely that there are already activities out there for you to jump into. But even if you don’t live in a fully-legal state, these outings can be adapted to sober or smoke-ahead activities. Try searching for one of these, or finding your own way to smoke each other out and enjoy the night.

Tour A Glassblowing Studio

Check out your friendly neighborhood glass merchant and see if they offer on-site tours of their glass blowers at work. It’s super mesmerizing, and you can take home a new souvenir to remember the date. Even in not-yet-legal states, you can find a local glassblowing studio and watch them work. While high. Duh.

Take A Cooking Class

Making a meal together is sexy. Add weed and it can get extra-sensual. Get high beforehand and take a regular class, or attend one in a legal state where you’re actually learning to make edibles. Or, try our guide to cannabutter and get cookin’ at home.

Get High And Paint

Some people do “cocktails and canvas,” or whatever. How about cannabis and canvas instead?

To make sure you’re not stopping at the “get high” portion of the evening, do it with others, in a group setting, where you can giggle uncontrollably at each others’ art and maybe make some new friends.

Get A Couple’s Massage

Some places offer marijuana oil massages that can help with pain relief or just relax you even further, but again, this is an activity you can smoke up beforehand and melt into once you’re there.

Stay Home And Have Sex

This is always a strong option. Read our guide to the most romance-inducing strains and get your sexy on.


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