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Florida Man Arrested For Giving Away Free Marijuana ‘Because It’s Christmas’

Florida men love sharing their weed, according to reports, though it often lands them in hot water with law enforcement.

Everyone has their own definition of spreading Christmas cheer, but this story is one of those that’s only possible in the Sunshine State. A Florida man was arrested this week after he was caught handing out free marijuana to passersby. When asked to explained why he was giving away all that weed, the man responded, “because it’s Christmas.”

As WFLA reported, 67-year-old Richard Ellis Spurrier was apprehended by police in downtown St. Petersburg for embracing more green than red this Christmas season. Authorities found 45 grams of cannabis on Spurrier’s person, as well as a glass pipe, digital scale, and a prescription bottle that had his name on it. In addition, police discovered Spurrier’s cane hid a secret sword.

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Spurrier was ultimately charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, though he’s since been released from Pinellas County prison.

These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2020
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While Florida has only legalized recreational cannabis, this isn’t the first time a Florida man felt overly generous with his marijuana. Earlier this year, 65-year-old Arthur Edward Carracino Jr. was arrested for asking police officers if they’d smoke weed with him.

Law enforcement was responding to a different incident at the time, before Carracino called them over. The Florida man admitted to growing marijuana plants inside his house and persisting to police they come indoors to check it out. When they didn’t respond, body cam footage showed Carracino walking away to grab his pipe. He was arrested on felony marijuana charges.

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Initiatives to either decriminalize and/or legalize recreational marijuana are expected to find their way onto the Florida ballot in 2020. Though some groups have struggled to meet the necessary deadlines to acquire enough signatures to make it on the ballot, data shows the support to legalize is present in the state.

A South Florida Sun Sentinel poll found that 91% of readers would support recreational legalization. In addition, the Sun Sentinel reports three other polls show at least 60% of Floridians would vote yes to legalize, which is the percentage of votes required for such an initiative to pass.



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