Monday, November 29, 2021
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NBA Pro Stephen Jackson: I Smoked Marijuana My Whole Career

Former NBA forward Stephen Jackson was known for stirring up controversy throughout his career, most notably his involvement with the infamous Malice at the Palace. It appears, even in retirement, Jackson still knows how to make a headline.

In an interview with TMZ, Jackson admitted that he smoked marijuana his entire career in the NBA. He clarified that he didn’t smoke before games—“Ain’t nobody can play high in the NBA,” Jackson said—but that he helped him come down after the game.

“I smoked (weed) my whole career. I had a hell of a career (and) missed no games,” Jackson said. “I’m not going to say it helped, but as far as after the games coming down and relaxing, yeah, it helped.”

Former NBA commissioner David Stern made waves late last year when he admitted that marijuana “probably should be removed from” the league’s banned substances list. Jackson also agrees with the sentiment.

“They can’t control it. They (NBA) won’t let it be legal until they can control it,” Jackson said.


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