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Hacks To Make Marijuana Last Longer


Inflation is dropping but people always want to get more for their dollar. Shrinkfaltion , where products shrink but the price remains the same, has hit hot dogs, burgers and pizzas  along with Doritos, Gatoraide and cereal! While less expensive than alcohol, you still want to find good value with cannabis. Here are some hacks to make marijuana last longer.

Since marijuana is not only becoming more mainstream, it is becoming a go to for those who want to adjust their lifestyle. The under 40s are turning to cannabis rather than alcohol.  So consumer demand is up and so is a larger variety of budget friendly options.

marijuana dosing
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Reward Programs

Some legal dispensaries have frequent reward programs letting you know about discounts, sales, etc.  Never a bad idea to enroll and let them figure ways to help you save money.


Edibles can be cost effective.  Gummies have become the rage and you get a bunch for the same price as a pre-roll or even flower. While making edibles is a weed-heavy project, you might end up saving some money. Edible highs can last for longer than three hours, which is ostensibly longer than the high from smoking.


Microdosing can help you obtain better results while also spreading out your weed. If you microdose with glassware, your results will be even better, giving you a more thorough understanding of the amount of weed you’re consuming and are going through while enjoying the high.

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Use a Bong

Bongs allow you to consume all of the smoke that is produced from your burning cannabis. And the amount of cannabis that’s used to create one joint could be used to smoke multiple bong hits. If you’ve ever used a bong, you’ve probably already noticed that they pack a punch in comparison to joints and pipes. The amount of cannabis you would roll into even a small-sized joint is probably the equivalent to the amount of cannabis you would need to take about five bong hits. Therefore, smoking your cannabis in a bong is an easy way to conserve weed. And joints constantly burn leading to a lot of wasted flower.

Buy in bulk

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Think Costco. Usually when shopping, the larger the order, the more you save. Before purchasing in bulk, keep an eye on how much you use, spend and how long it takes to consume. Once you have these numbers at hand, head over to your favorite dispensary and buy what you need. To help it last, here are 8 Ways To Properly Store Marijuana For Freshness.

Grinder with kief-catcher

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While a kief catcher won’t save you a lot of weed, it could add some dimensions to your smoking and provide with something you don’t usually use. Kief is the tiny, sticky crystals that cover the cannabis flower, which are usually potent in terms of effects. Kief is strong and can be used to cover a bowl or a joint, making the high much more powerful, which in turn, helps the joint or bowl last for longer periods of time.

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Proper Storage

No matter how icky the taste, there always comes a time when you’re open to using remains. Keep an air-tight Mason Jar around and start dropping your roaches, stems, and mini leftover pieces of bud in there. You’ll be glad to have that roach-bowl when there’s nothing else to smoke. Make sure to keep it in a dry and dark space to prolong your weed’s smokability.


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