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Guess What Is Gumming Up The Marijuana World?


The cannabis industry is all about good times, sweet memories and a good buzz.  The imagine of a someone kicking back enjoying a joint is in the mind of most people when you think about consuming. But lately, what is in the mind isn’t translating to what is in the mouth.

BDSA, a leading cannabis consumer insights and data company, recently released a report and revealed a twist for the industry.  The data collected also showed 57% of adults across surveyed states agree that adult-use cannabis should be legal. A whopping 74% of the population are cannabis consumers or accepting of people consuming. And in the past six months, 86% cannabis consumers claim they expect to continue, while 66% state they will definitely continue to consume.


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What is grabbing attention is HOW people are consuming.  Flower continues to be the largest revenue generator for the industry.  Flower has a mystical hold over older and more traditional consumers who see it as part of the culture. Gen Z and Millennials are driving the second biggest revenue maker which is vaping. It is perfect for an active lifestyle, a variety of dosages, and discreet.

But the big news is while flower and vape are the major revenue earner, the relative inexpensive gummy is the most consumed!  While earning a quarter of the revenue, it turns out the gummy is perfect to “take off the edge” for people. Quick to pop in your mouth, tasty, and no smell.  A fan favorite for the recreational consumer and medical patient.

Specifically, 49% of consumers across adult-use and medical states claimed to have consumed a gummy edible in the past six months compared to 47% who used flower.

This is definitely a change from the way the industry has seen itself with joints, bongs, pre-rolls and bowls. Now a cute, colorful edible is the way of the future. Dispensaries are having to stock up on products.

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Hans Riegel has the title “The father of gummy bears.”  In the 1920s, Riegel developed a soft, gelatin-based treat in the shape of a bear which grew quite popular. He later created Haribo, the prestigious gummy bear creator found on shelves around the world. German language teachers often gifted students with the bears to expose American soldiers to different foods in the mid and later 20th century.  The soldiers brought back these delightfully delicious bears to their families after being stationed overseas.

Gummies become famous when Hollywood started taking an interest. Gummy teddies found roles in so many forms of popular media, like TV shows, movies, and even musicals. Disney released The Adventures of the Gummi Bears in the ‘80s, and the candies even played a part in the Broadway show Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

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It wasn’t a leap to make cannabis gummies that have now become ragingly popular and changing the face of the cannabis industry.


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