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Here’s How The Pros Suggest You Safeguard Your Marijuana Edibles From Kids

Marijuana edibles are a great way to ingest cannabis. They’re tasty, discreet, and you can put an exact dose into each. But you have to be careful: Unsuspecting adults could eat your infused-brownie or cookie and end up high when all they wanted was a cookie. Or worse yet: A child might get their hands on one, causing any number of problems including deep anxiety, heart problems, or paranoia.

So how can you prevent your kid—or oblivious dad—from accidentally eating your weed treats? Here’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Store your edibles in locked, out-of-reach, or child resistant packages, just as you would any other prescription medications.
  • Be sure to clearly label each container, and keep them in their original package if possible.
    Avoid eating edibles in front of kids, which could tempt them into imitating you.
  • If you have kids, check with any family members or babysitters who might have edibles in their homes—if they do, share the AAP rules with them.
  • Explain what edibles are to older children and younger teens. Be sure they understand the dangers of edibles, and what they look like. For older kids, remind them not to drive or ride in cars being driven by anyone under the influence.
  • If a child does eat an edible by mistake, call the poison control hotline at 1-800-222-1222.

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