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Here’s When You Should Stop Using CBD

CBD products are very popular and effective but there’s still some negative side effects associated with them.

CBD is one of the most interesting compounds in the world. Responding to various diseases and providing relief for a variety of symptoms, it’s a cannabinoid that can be used as a supplement that is new and attractive for all the right reasons.

While the constant barrage of CBD products keeps us from seeing other news, there’s plenty of stuff going on behind the scenes of the CBD industry. While the compound holds a lot of promise, it lacks scientific support, and a lot of its side effects remain unreported. Adding to this is the fact that it’s a cannabinoid, and we still don’t understand how these compounds interact with our bodies, and why they prompt different responses depending on the person.

Here are three situations that should prompt you to pause your CBD intake:

If you experience negative side effects

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Luckily, the most common negative side effects of CBD aren’t life threatening. Some of them include dry mouth, drowsiness, low blood pressure and lightheadedness. While these symptoms aren’t alarming, if you experience them when taking CBD you should consult with a doctor and try to understand why this is happening. In limited instances, CBD has also been linked with liver injuries, but more research is necessary in order to draw reliable conclusions.

If your symptoms don’t improve

If you’re taking CBD and your symptoms don’t improve, you should ensure that you’re taking the proper dosage and that your product is effective. Currently, there’s tons of fake CBD products circulating on the market, making it a necessity for all who are interested in the compound to do their research. Make sure the product you’re purchasing is legitimate. Here’s a quick guide that can help you ensure your CBD product is legitimate.

When taking possible counteractive medication

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Studies and reports have found that CBD can interact with other medications, influencing the way in which our bodies metabolize these drugs. According to Healthline, CBD interacts with enzymes in the liver that are in charge of breaking up medications, in some occasions accelerating or slowing down this process. This makes it crucial for patients who are taking medications to speak with their doctors if they’re planning on using CBD.


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