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Here’s Why You Need A Cannabis Concierge Next Time You Travel

It is is a dream experience for someone who has limited time to check out the cannabis happenings in a streamlined way.

It’s so fun to end up in a new state with a cannabis program, but when you’re tired, hangry, and need to stretch your legs after a flight or road trip, sourcing cannabis isn’t always the most fun thing to do.

And what if you want to go deeper into the scene, doing more than just skimming the dispensary surface and ending up on the couch of your airbnb or sticking your head out of a hotel window? Finding cannabis friendly activities used to be harder than sourcing the flower—until now

What if you could make a few emails and have it all taken care of? In this age of literal weed orders at Barney’s, it’s more of a possibility than you know. Services are around to help travelers and tourists align with their preferred cannabis experience, you just have to ask.

Colorado goodies from the Hi Curious experience 
Colorado goodies from the Hi Curious experience 

It Makes Things Easy

Until the day when you can roll up and bring your stash with you through security, which we don’t recommend, try the amazing airport pickup service that some companies, like Cannabis Tours, offer to travelers. This is a relief to a medical cannabis user, but it’s not the only benefit of using cannabis concierge and tourism agencies to guide your trip.

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For those seeking a full service experience, there are finally options, and they’re spreading to multiple states with legal cannabis. April Black, CEO of Higher Way Travel, uses the miles under her belt to generate good times for her guests. “As experienced travelers and cannabis connoisseurs ourselves, we can help our customers handle of the challenges they face when visiting a legal state.”

Hi-Curious founder Lauren Mundell says that though people want to check out cannabis for many different reasons, they always want a smooth experience. “Vacation days are precious, and time and attention are our scarcest resources,” she says. “Sophisticated travelers want a curated experience that helps them feel more local than tourist.”

Heidi Keyes, President of Cannabis Tours, is part of a multi city team who make every activity take flight. She tells The Fresh Toast, “Basically, we’re setting you up to make sure you not only get the most out of your cannabis vacation, but that you’re doing it safely, legally, and easily. We’ll take care of both your weed paranoia and your travel anxiety and make your entire vacation streamlined, and as structured as you do or don’t desire.”

Cannabis friendly yoga session in Colorado
Cannabis friendly yoga session in Colorado

They’ve got the plug

You can’t always just look up if a hotel, Airbnb rental, or other lodging is cannabis friendly, and it’s still pretty rare in most states. These cannabis connectors have relationships with the spaces you’ll want access to for the most low key experience. Some lodging doesn’t even allow cannabis in outdoor spaces, so don’t just assume because there is a patio that you’ll be all set.

Keyes says this is a big reason they love to help people get what they need out of a legal locale, “Even if cannabis is recreationally legal in the place you’re traveling to, be aware that public consumption is not legal, and every state has different regulations on how much you can buy and where you can smoke. Most hotels are not cannabis-friendly, so be aware of smoking fines, the quickest way to ruin a vacation is a $500 fee for smoking a joint in your room!“

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There’s also so much more to do than simply smoke. Mundell knows that people want to peek behind the green curtain, “If you want to go beyond consumption and actually learn about the culture, industry and the laws, it’s challenging to do on your own.”

Black says that itineraries can make or break an experience, “The ones we offer save the traveler the trouble of researching the cannabis scene in an area and making separate reservations with each different activity.” She says that where possible, consumption friendly transportation is deployed, and Cannabis Tours also does this in select cities.

The Clinic in Denver, Colorado
The Clinic in Denver, Colorado

These organizations use the beauty of social activity and creative expression to bring cannabis newbies and cannabis experts all together. It is is a dream experience for someone who has limited time to check out the cannabis happenings in a streamlined way, so make sure to take advantage of what a tour company or concierge can offer, the future of cannabis tourism will involve lots of these types of businesses.

Photos: Danielle Guercio


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