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How CBD Helps Seniors Exercise

A senior’s body isn’t as strong as it once was, which can make exercise painful. CBD topicals can help them get past some of these barriers.

The magnificent mountains of the Pacific Northwest attracted Sylvia Cate to Portland, Oregon. She spent years scaling mountains and hiking for miles through the wilderness. Although the retired urban planner has hung up her mountaineering gear, she credits CBD topicals with keeping her on the hiking trails.

“Tendonitis. Arthritis. Metatarsal problems.” She ticks off the pain issues that were slowing her down before she discovered CBD topicals. “Now I just slather my feet in CBD lotion and into the hiking boots. My last hike was eight miles!” 

Cate’s experience with using CBD to keep in shape is not unique. As Ellyn Ford, president of CBD Revolution, observes, “We started making cannabis topicals for our own pain.” In her estimation, “The Baby Boom is a generation of aging weekend warriors, and we’re all looking for relief so that we can stay in the game.” 

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Exercise is a key to longevity. However, a senior’s body isn’t as strong as it once was, which can make exercise painful. But Steven Phan, co-founder of Come Back Daily CBD, notes that using cannabidiol (CBD) as a topical can help them get past some of these barriers. “By interacting with our endocannabinoid system, CBD can be effective as an option to relieve pain.” 

Photo by Moose Photos via Pexels

Philip Blair, M.D. concurs. “The cool thing about CBD for seniors is how it can improve joint function before exercise and muscle aches afterwards. A side benefit is more restful sleep and better mood.” 

Trista Okel, founder and CEO of Empower BodyCare, suggests that seniors can ease discomfort and inflammation caused by exercise by using CBD-infused topical products. She notes, “I’ve heard from more than one senior that CBD topical products allow for faster recovery time, more agility, and less discomfort overall.”

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Okel recommends sticking to topical CBD products that are 3.5mg/mL and higher. When determining which CBD topical products to purchase, she highly recommend never purchasing any CBD products that don’t have the Certificates of Analysis (aka “test results”) for each batch of product readily available on the company’s website.

For those seniors who want use CBD tinctures, gel caps, and other CBD products that are taken internally, Phan cautions them to check with a medical doctor beforehand. ”Seniors should consult with their doctor before ingesting CBD like a sublingual oil if they are on any prescription medications.”


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