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How Marijuana Affects Your Sex Life

It’s likely the loosening of inhibitions that plays the biggest role in cannabis as an aphrodisiac. It also helps that cannabis is known for enhancing our mental and emotional experiences.

Cannabis and sex are often seen as the perfect pairing. Sometimes, though, things don’t work out that way. Too much of a high paced sativa or head changing indica can have one deep inside their mind and too anxious to perform. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that there is a gold median where you ingest just the right amount to feel more open, to experience sensation at a higher level and to connect more deeply with a partner.

CBD and THC infused lubes have become a popular product among consumers, and perhaps the simple possession of a bottle will encourage more frequent sex, but there’s no hard evidence that they enhance sensations. Though, again, anecdotal reports say that orgasms are prolonged and intensified for both women and men.

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Urologist at Stanford University, Michael Eisenberg, gained interest in the topic of how marijuana effects sex when some of his male patients started asking how cannabis might, “affect function down there.” Eisenberg utilized the National Survey of Family Growth for a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2017, which looked at the figures he was most interested in: the sexual patterns of cannabis imbibers.

We’re having less sex than we used to. Toa Heftiba

Though self-reported, the findings from the answers are pretty astounding. Women who used cannabis weekly had 34% more sex than women who abstained from the plant and men had 22% more sex if they used cannabis weekly than if they didn’t. Those are big discrepancies that naturally lead one to believe that even if sex isn’t enhanced by cannabis, the idea of sex must at least seem even more appealing.

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It’s likely the loosening of inhibitions that plays the biggest role in cannabis as an aphrodisiac. It also helps that cannabis is known for enhancing creativity, all five of our senses and our mental and emotional experiences. Sex is touch, it’s smell, it’s taste, and sounds and it’s full of beauty; it only makes sense that more of those feelings is a good thing.

The Verge reported that research from Michele Baggio, an economist at the University of Connecticut, and her co-authors found that the passage of medical or recreational cannabis laws subsequently led to higher birth rates. While more studies should be conducted on many different cannabis and sex topics, these findings are already pretty amazing and remember, you can always do your own research at home. To science!


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