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How Much Does Weed Cost?

The price of marijuana can change significantly from state to state. Here are some factors that could have an influence on the final price tag.

Cannabis is gaining more and more traction across the United States, with each passing election approving new medical and recreational programs in various states. If you’ve never been to a marijuana dispensary, or if you’ve been to several and have noticed significant price fluctuations, it’s easy to wonder why this happens and whether there’s a price standard that the industry follows. Short answer: there’s not. So, how much does weed cost?

Marijuana prices can vary a lot, depending on the place where you live, the type of product you’re purchasing and its quality. Since cannabis remains federally illegal, there’s not a fixed price tag that dispensaries must follow, with every state demanding different things of product makers and impacting the final price of their product.

Here are some of the most important factors that can have an influence on your cannabis price:


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Where cannabis is grown, manufactured and sold plays an important part in pricing. Each community has its own rules and regulations, impacting the price of the final product. For example, Washington state sells much cheaper weed than California.

State and local tax rates and the amount of growers and sellers in the area will likely have an impact on pricing. Like most products, if there’s a small amount of growers and manufacturers, product prices will likely be higher than if you were to live in a community where there’s a lot of people working and investing in the cannabis industry. Think of it like shopping at Costco vs. your local high-end grocery.

How the product was cultivated and grown

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The way in which the product is grown also has an effect; outdoor growing is cheaper since it costs less to produce and it’s more subject to tampering from outside forces like nature and animals. These prices can alter depending on the season and whether or not it’s harvest time. Indoor growing requires special lights and settings that while may result in better product, cost more to make.

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Each batch of cannabis is different, even by small degrees. Once it’s dried and cured, prices can change depending on the quality available, like the amount of terpenes and cannabinoids it has, and more.

The type of product

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The type of product you’re buying also has an influence on the price. If you’re buying a product that comes in a bottle or a container, this will generally be reflected on the price tag, especially if the product is designed to be high-end. This includes both flower and edibles.

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The cannabis industry is going through a lot of changes. The best thing you can do in order to ensure you’re getting a fair deal is to do your research. Visit different dispensaries in your area and find a budtender you trust, who can provide you with recommendations and with products that are worth your money.


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