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How To Consume A Marijuana Gummy

They are the most popular way to consume marijuana…do you know how to do it?

Most people have tried a candy gummy, but the adult version can be WAY better. Marijuana gummies accounted for nearly $2+ billion in retail sales last year, capturing more than 70% of the cannabis markets according to data from cannabis data firm Headset. About 50% of the way people consume is through the adorable gummies.  They are inexpensive, easier to manage a dose and are a on the go treat without the smell.  No wonder they are gaining legions of fans. But do you know how to consume a marijuana gummy?

First, figure out why you are taking a gummy.  Is for fun, to manage stress or pain, or is it to sleep? All are popular reasons the public has embraced the sweet, loaded treat.

What to expect

Edibles take longer than smoking or vaping cannabis to kick in — typically around 30 to 60 minutes.  The rule is start low and grow, so if you are new, go with low dosage and one gummy.  As you become more experienced, you will be able to manage the state you wish to enjoy.  If you are managing stress, low dosage may be exactly what you need.

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How To Find The “Right”  Gummy

The good news is they usually come in a pack, providing a number of “journeys”, you can take more cost reasonable than some other forms of cannabis.  Strength and flavor are both key aspects to choice.

Start by figuring out what dosage you desire. The common mg per gummy is 10 mg, but some companies have 5 mg. This is nice because you can dial back the effects if you need it to be lighter for work or social situations, or even double up if you’re having “one of those days”.

Fruit flavors abound and you can enjoy popular flavors including watermelon, peach, and sour apple. This will take some testing and also the mood you are in.  Summer says watermelon while grape has year round appeal.

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Gummies have a shelf life of about 6-12 months. Of course it is influenced by various factors like specific ingredients, the packaging, and the storage conditions. Short term or for travel purposes, a ziplock will do.  For longer term, an opaque container or in a dark space. Light, particularly UV light, is one of the primary culprits for degrading cannabinoids, including THC.

Now you know how to consume a marijuana gummy.


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