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How To Manage When Only One Partner Consumes Weed

Relationship can be difficult – especially if you have different hobbies or habits.

Dating and relationships can be fun, challenging and fulfilling, but it important to be on sync on who you act as both a couple and individual.  Politics, religion, having children, and money are all the big hurdles which can cause a rift. A survey showed the three leading causes of divorce are basic incompatibility (43%), infidelity (28%), and money issues (22%).  So what happens if you have some incompatibilities?  How do you overcome it.  Until the spread of legalization, alcohol and smoking were the only consuming habits to navigate. Now it includes how to manage when only one partner consumes weed.

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If only one partner drinks, it can be a challenge and something a couple has to figure how to approach. Alcohol is generally legal and social accepted, but can cause more issues than weed. The downside of drinking including hangovers, a perhaps change in behavior traits while under the influence, health issues and cost.  Cannabis has become more social accepted with over 85% of people agreeing on some form of legalization. It is also generally wrapped in a few myths including laziness and lack of motivation.


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Knowledge, sharing and talking is key to growing a bond. Unlike alcohol andmarijuana, it is important to understand the distinction of something for a medical reason (i.e. anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia) versus recreational.  Science is clear cannabis has medical benefits, alcohol is not.  Having a drink to unwind is much more data murky.

Respect their opinions

While it’d be great to share consume together and go out for a delicious and hilarious meal, if the person you’re dating doesn’t, you can’t force them.  A non judgemential open conversation followed by a general decision should provide a clear path. You get more points for respecting their space and decisions than by trying to prove that you’re right.  And if done correctly, you can consume comfortably.

Be respectful of space

Like tobacco, smoking tobacco can provide a whiff of what is going on.  Some people have smell issues and others just do not want their space to smell. Like smokers, be it cigarettes or the occasionally cigar, together come up with a plan of where you consume.

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Stand your ground

At the same time, it’s equally important to stand your ground and not hide who you are because the person you’re dating thinks differently. This advice is not only limited to marijuana, since it’s important to hold on to your individuality whenever you’re entering a new relationship. Find some middle ground and moments where you can enjoy your habit without disturbing your partner’s day to day life.


Compromise can appear in many ways, by either consuming on days when you’re apart, trying out non-intoxicating strains or indulging on special occasions and having your partner understand why you’re doing it. If the smoke is the issue, there are plenty of other less invasive options to choose from. The most important part here is to communicate.


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